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6-27-08 and 6-29-08


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Hello all.

Most of my trips are solo trips, and i usually just wander aimlessly until something catches my eye. When I go with someone, I usually hit what they want to because most likely, I'll be back soon enough on my own anyway.

So, on Friday I arrived at around 11:30 after breakfast and a stop to purchase the new Shinedown album. I headed over to the Action Zone, like I always do, and Invertigo already had a mad line. Seeing that Drop Tower didn't have much of a line, I bit the bullet and gave it a go. I'm a bigger guy but I felt really crammed into that seat. I was on, and I will say that that ride is definitely unique. The view on the way up is spectacular and the drop changes me. I'm usually pretty collected, but as we dropped, all I could do is let out a deep guttural bark. Laughing at myself, I made my way over to SoB.

Line jumping on Friday was out of control. A young man pushed his way past me and I said, "we're all waiting here, you're not exempt." Ignoring me and meeting up with "his people" he pushed through the others in line, giving me a "c'mon try something" look all the way. I'm not stupid enough to try and rumble with some guest, but the line jumping is, in my eyes a blatant show of disrespect for other people. If he would have just asked, I wouldn't have had a problem. Seething, I made my way to the front seat. All in all it was about a 30 minute wait. "Here at Son of Beast the handrails are our friends. We do not sit on your friends, please do not sit on ours." The op in the box, had to repeat this two more times before two younger kids would eventually get down from the handrails. On to the actual ride. The rose bowl makes me feel like my watch is going to fall off my wrist but I still really like that ride. For the third time this year and the second at SoB, I witnessed someone lose their cookies. I always thought that was a good sign of a good ride, but now it's getting annoying to me.

Over to Delirium and Adventure Express, with a 2 cycle wait on Delirium and a walk on to AE. Vortex was a walk on as well as BLSC.

Entering The Beast's queue, I was greeted by an op stating that The Beast was down due to a mechanical problem. I don't think I've ever seen The Beast down. On to the Crypt, then. It's always funny to me when people walk out of the queue for the Crypt saying the wait is an hour or more when we're already inside. After a one cycle wait, I headed over to The Beast and it was running now. A walk on awaited me and that was that.

I had been wanting to check out the shows, so I saw "Endless Summer on Ice." I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet, but I'd probably see it again. After a trip for a biscuit, I was back and ready to see "Flashback Totally 80s." That is a pretty good show and I was impressed with all the performers, especially the female singers. Kudos to them. Those wigs are hideous though.

Ready for rides again, I headed over to Firehawk and about an hour wait. There was another line jumping incident, but this time I wasn't close enough to say anything. I did see Josh and another singer from the 80s show in line but didn't get a chance to say hi. I'm totally impressed by Josh. By my count he's done at least 4 different shows at KI and every time I've had a chance to speak with him he's been professional and polite. Boarding the ride, my ride mate decided to attempt to throw her flip-flops onto the station floor. Good idea, poor execution. As her first flop hits the floor, it bounces up and through the gap in the fence between the stations, and down the stairs. "No biggie" I thought, it'll be there when we get done. To our amazement, the flop has fallen down into the space between the stairs and the concrete wall. What are the chances? I would have put them on the floor if she would have asked me, but she decided to throw them and was left walking with one foot bare the rest of the night.

I ended day one with a couple night rides on The Beast, which were awesome but I wish the trims could be turned off after the fireworks. I was told that the reason the trims were put on in the first place is because the cars were being damaged by the ride. Also the trims, I was told are not able to be turned off. I don't remember the ops name but it was an op nonetheless.

This was a great day for me as I got to spend a great day at one of my favorite places, and not feel rushed in doing so.

Sunday was a trip with my girlfriend Erin. After church and a quick stop for a biscuit, we arrived at around 2. Since we were sent away from The Beast due to weather on our last trip, I “owed” her a ride on The Beast, so that’s where we headed first. As we were getting in line, an announcement was made that The Beast would be suspending operations due to weather. “Here we go again” I thought. After a quick 10 minute sprinkle, we were on in the back car. Is it just me, or is CF very nervous about running trains in the rain. I know about the Magnum incident, but it seems that they’re being overly cautious.

After a great ride, Erin shocked me by picking Vortex as the next destination. We rode it once last year and she said never again. Well, never again must mean once every few months or so. A last car ride and she needed a few minutes to get settled. That drop really takes my breath away every time. Great ride.

She headed us towards the blue racer next. I’m glad we have an original piece of KI still operating. Classic.

Next was a walk on to AE, then a 20 minute or so wait for SoB. While in line I had another guest tell me that I looked like the Great Khali from WWE. This guest was also under the impression that he was going to get a re-ride because he knew one of the ops. Sonny is quickly becoming one of my favorite rides.

Delirium was next after a one or two cycle wait. That’s another very fun ride. I know I’m sounding like a kid in a candy store, but isn’t that what going to one of your favorite places is supposed to make you feel like? Every time I go to KI, I have fun, doing one thing or another. I just love being there.

I wanted her to see the 80s show, so we went to get a blueberry ice cream cone while we waited. That’s quickly becoming a tradition as we’ve done it the last two times we’ve gone. Erin really enjoyed the 80s show, as I knew she would and we were off to FoF.

I like to think that I know what’s happening in that bowl, but in reality, I have no clue. I’m starting to recognize different ops from different rides, and vice versa. To some that may mean I have a problem, but I don’t think so.

It was getting close to closing time and we hit up BLSC and a 10 minute wait.

Then Erin shocked me again. “Let’s go ride the Crypt” she said. This was another of her “never again” rides as she didn’t like it when it was TRTR. After giving her one last chance to hit the chicken chute right before you enter, we waited two cycles. “That was pretty fun” she said. So, there’s one more person who prefers the Crypt to TRTR.

Waiting for 9:40 to come so we could get in line for The Beast we enjoyed a refreshing water from Potato Works. Those fries are huge. I might just have to splurge one day. I’m amazed at the amount of people who leave The Beast queue after they close down for the fireworks, but that just makes it easier for me to ride. :) Finally ending our night with a night ride on The Beast was great, and I really love that ride.

Another great day of relaxation at KI, and except for that pesky day of work in-between, a fantastic weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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