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Diamondback Construction Thread (Updated 3-19-09)


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The elevator operator for the tower said that Diamondback would not open until may because they are behind on construction due to hurricane ike. im callin bs on this one. im about to go get in line for club blood now. also you can see the lift hill from 71.

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Guest TombraiderTy

Did you get their name? Cause you should complain about them next April when it's open :P

Be sure to say how you delayed your visit till May because of this man. Try to get some free tickets or something :lol:

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I went to the park on Friday and it was pretty neat to look up at it with all of the fog around. You could barely see the top of it because it seemed to rise slightly above the haze of fog. Like many people have said before, you have to see it in person to believe it.

I was really surprised that it wasn't even at its peak, but it was still so tall.

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From Diamondback's Constuction Blog:

Construction continues on Diamondback

October 17, 2008

Construction continues on the new Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island. Another 88 feet of track has been added to the 230-foot lift hill this week, as well as more vertical supports in that section of the ride. In addition, workmen have begun pouring concrete in the station area of the ride.


Q: What part of the ride does it reach its max speed of 80 miles per hour? It looks like from the renderings that some of the drops go into the valley, so I was wondering if it was after the first or second drop.

Brandon – Villa Hills, KY

A: Diamondback will reach a speed of nearly 80 miles per hour going down the 215-foot first drop and pick up an additional two or three miles per hour at the bottom of the second drop, which is 193 feet into the ravine.

Q: I took my 7-year-old daughter to Kings Island this summer for the first time and she had a blast. She rode The Racer, Adventure Express, The Vortex, and Flight Deck. She is excited about Diamondback. Do you know what the minimum height requirement will be to ride Diamondback?


A: Great to see your daughter had a great time during her first visit to Kings Island. The height requirement to ride Diamondback is expected to be a minimum of 54 inches. The height requirements on each of our rides are based on manufacturer guidelines.

Q: It was said at the official announcement (August 6, 2008) that most of the track would be put into place by Thanksgiving and the ride would be ready for opening day 2009. When would you speculate that testing of the ride will begin?

Stephen Prunier – Noblesville, IN

A: Diamondback should be ready for testing in March.

Q: I’ve been making summer trips to Kings Island for the past 14 years and have always been a fan of the park’s amazing atmosphere. The excitement surrounding the new Diamondback coaster has led my wife and I to purchase our first-ever season passes, and we look forward to making many wonderful trips in 2009.

My question about Diamondback is as follows … the renderings and promotional artwork show a gorgeous detailed splashdown area made to look like a natural pond. The finale is surrounded on its shores by large boulders, with other rocks jutting up from the middle of the splashdown, and the entire area displays beautiful foliage. Will the final result of the splashdown finale reflect the renderings, complete with this well-themed landscaping, or were these effects simply used in the artwork for aesthetic purposes?

Matt Ward – Dublin, OH

A: The renderings of Diamondback’s spectacular splashdown ending paint a very realistic picture of how that area is expected to look when the ride opens in April 2009.

Q: What will Diamondback’s station/queue look like? Is it going to be set up like Maverick’s at Cedar Point or are you planning on something smaller?

Jonathan – Chillicothe, OH

A: The station and queue area will be designed to fit the look of Rivertown and the surrounding area. The station will have a galvanized roof and brown metal siding.

Q: The angle of the ascent on Diamondback’s lift hill looks very steep. Is this angle greater than most coasters?


Mike E.

A: The angle of the 230-foot lift hill is 40 degrees. By comparison, Son of Beast is 36 degrees and The Beast is 20 degrees.

Q: What’s the significance of the different colored supports?

David Brewer – Kettering, OH

A: The primary reason for the different colored supports is we wanted to highlight the height of the ride. Diamondback will stand 230 feet at its highest point making it the tallest ride in the park.

Q: Some of those track pieces look pretty heavy. I was wondering how much each section weighed, especially the lift hill sections, as those have a lot more metal per section.

Josh Wright – Nashville, TN

A: The lift hill has 44’ and 88’ sections, and they are the heaviest at 26,000 and 52,000 pounds respectively detailed with stairs and railings on the lift. The rest of the pieces of track are approximately 10,000 pounds each.

- Don Helbig

Diamondback will have a 40 degree angle instead of the 45 degree angle first thought.

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"A: The primary reason for the different colored supports is we wanted to highlight the height of the ride. Diamondback will stand 230 feet at its highest point making it the tallest ride in the park."

does that mean Drop Tower is being removed? haha j/k.

though his statement should say tallest coaster in the park.

great to see updates on the blog, i'm loving every bit of this project so far!!

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