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Carl Eichelman


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Guest KingsIslandPR

Carl is retired and living near Maysville, Ky. With the 2014 season marking the 35th anniversary of The Beast, he'll be heard from again.

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Just watched a special on The Beast and Carl was mentioned a lot. I was Curious and did a quick Google search and this forum was the first thing that popped up about him. Did Carl come back for the 2014 season which was the 35th anniversary? Also I wonder what his latest ride total is?

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I rode the best coaster ever with Carl several times in the 1982 season, myself and a fellow Beast fan from school named Joe (darn if I can't remember his last name) went to his house to see his rollercoaster paraphernalia. That was back in the day when parents trusted random IRS employees not to kill or molest their kids. Back then they had a Carl Eichelman toteboard at the beginning of the queue for The Beast, I actually rode with him the last ride in the 1982 season in the back seat and the PR lady sat right in front of us, I remember they took the brakes off in the brake shed right after the first big right turn, it was the best run ever!.  I have not been there since 1991, but I remember The Beast queue back then at night would be playing WEBN and would reek of pot smoke, not that I had ever smelled it at the tender age of 14...

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