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Well, the wife and I went to KI on July 21-22nd. It was a bit strange as we left our six month old baby back home with grandma. We missed him like crazy, but we did have a great time. On our first day, we arrived about 11:15 and we immediately headed for Diamondback. We just had to try out the newest to KI's lineup. I was very impressed with the lift hill over the midway as well as the other section that crossed the midway as well. We caught a glimpse of a splashdown as we headed for the line. We waited about 30 minutes, although the sign at the gate said 45 minute wait, so no disappointment there. We managed to be seated next to each other on the first ride which my wife was very pleased with. Not sure how steep that lift hill is, but it seemed pretty steep to me although not as steep as say Millennium Force. I must say that I didn't think there was one disappointing aspect of this ride. The floater airtime was great. Greatly paced and an overall awesome ride. I was also impressed with the operations as we never stood in line in one spot for very long. Very efficient and reminded my a lot of how Cedar Point's lines usually go.

After that, we went over to The Beast, which had an hour wait. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the wait had increased due to heavier traffic in that area since the addition of Diamondback. The Beast delivered as it always has. No surprises there. After that we headed out to the car to have lunch as we had packed a cooler. This is something I usually do as I am not interested in eating a heavy lunch inside the park. Next, it was on to Flight of Fear and Firehawk. We decided to get in line for FOF first, and it was an hour wait. I haven't seen an hour wait for that ride in quite some time. I guess those interested in a spin on Firehawk also stop at FOF on their way in or out. FOF is still a great coaster although I don't care for the MCBR which virtually brings you to a complete stop. From there, we went on to Firehawk which looked like a short wait from FOF, but turned out to be about 45minutes to an hour. I had previously been on Firehawk when it was X Flight at Geauga Lake. Funny, but at GL it was nearly always a walk-on. At KI, there is always a wait, which is a good thing. I still like Firehawk, just wish loading/unloading could be more efficient. I don't think that it was a result of bad operations, just a bad design flaw, even with dual loading stations. After that, we rode AE and it was fun as always.

Around that time, we decided to head out of the park to go check in to our hotel, which was the Days Inn Kings Island about 6 miles from the park. It was nothing to write home about, but for less than $50.00 for a night, how could we complain? Although, some lady in the lobby was going balistic about how there were cobwebs in her room and a hair in the bath tub. The lady at the desk was very professional and offered to move her to another room. She seemed happy about that, but then added, " Can I get a larger room?", which to me sounded more like what was her problem with the room and not the minor problems mentioned before. Unfortunately for her, all of the rooms are the same size. The only difference being what size bed(s) you had.

So, after about a 30 minute break, we headed back. I'm not really going to go into great detail about that evening other than we managed to hit up The Racer (great fun as always), La Rosa's for dinner (totally awesome pizza by the fountains), a great ride on Vortex (still love that first drop) and another ride on Diamondback, which turned out to be a night time ride. We headed over to The Beast for a final ride of the night, but we had seen a car on the lift hill from The Vortex and it was closed for the rest of the evening. That was a little disappointing, but we left happy none the less.

We went back the next day, which I won't go into great detail about, but we had lots of fun despite the rain. We bought our $5.00 ponchos and just had a great day. We hit up Invertigo first with a one train wait. After that, we did Flight Deck with no wait and then onto Delirium with no wait. Still gotta love Delirium and it was an interesting ride in the rain. We pretty much hit every coaster on day two and added the Scrambler and Shake, Rattle and Roll. Oh and Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle, which I won the war in points. I only had one complaint about the whole trip. I realize that on a rainy day that there aren't many park patrons there, but they ran one train on The Beast, which caused an hour wait. Not to say an hour is bad, but, I just thought that was completely unneccessary. I would share some photos with you, but we managed only to get about six. I didn't take too many the first day as I expected to do most picture taking the second day.

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Thanks, Intepreter! We are very excited about future trips with the little one. My mother thinks about 2 summers from now, he'll be able to ride some of the smaller rides over at Nick or whatever the name will be by then.

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