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Cedar Fair Reports 5% Increase in Revenues Through July 4th ...

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I think its a combo of things that add up:

1. Fast Lane (in multiple parks now)

2. Fun Perks (Like Colonel said)

3. New attractions like Leviathan and Dinosaurs Alive (included in multiple parks now)

4. Weather. (I think this summer, although hot, has been relatively dry so more days are available to come and enjoy CF parks)

I think 1 and 2 are the biggest factors. I have spent nearly 3x the amount of money in the park as I did last year. A lot has to do with the fact that you get perks for spending money in the park. Also Fast Lane makes up a hefty portion because it basically doubles the admission price without spending a large amount of money (New separate lanes to rides, wristbands). Three and four do add new people to the park and four would cause people to buy more drinks/souvenir cups/refills. So I think they all contribute to the added profits so far this year.

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Speaking of Fast Lane, Cedar Point's prices for their version just went up again. $65 for one person and $5 less per person until you get to $50 each for four people. There's no mention of a Saturday upcharge, however, so that may have gone away for the time being. I believe the current rates are what were being charged only on Saturdays before.

Several people here mentioned when Fast Lane at CP was first announced that we'll eventually see $75 as the one person rate and it looks like things are heading in that direction. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Halloweekends pricing.

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From the CP website, Saturday FL is still $65.

I am glad to see FP prices increase. This way, it is more attractive to one day visitors than it is to SP holders which will clog up the system.

Agreed about the SP holders. I understand that the pricing is tricky and still a work in progress, but clearly the $30 per person at the start of the season (with a minimum of five person purchase) and $40 per person (minimum of four person perchase) were too low at a park where the demand for the product is much higher than at just about every other seasonal park in the country.

I wonder if Cedar Fair executives were surprised by the purchaser demographic. In my experience at the parks with these systems most of the buyers tend to be groups of teens/twenty-somethings or families with one or two kids. I think the first group is particularly noteworthy because Cedar Fair is getting (a ton of) value out of many of the younger groups where they weren't prior to Fast Lane implementation.

As an aside, it looks like Kings Island has their Fast Lane passes now starting at $60 for one person and dropping $5 per person until you get down to $45. It looks like it's also an "every day is the same price" situation so there's no Saturday surcharge.

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You guys really think Funperks made that much of a difference? It is only in one park, has only been available for a relatively short time, and was in testing phase for a long time.

Just for clarification, I'm not saying you guys are wrong. I have no idea. It was more of a serious question because I didn't even think of Funperks as that big of a factor.

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Understand your question about fun perks and agree it likely isn't a big impact to corporate results, but it would be interesting to know how KI in park spending has been impacted by lower food prices/better quality and the fun perks testing.

Answer may come if we see it rolled out like Fast Lane.

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