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"Greetings From Coney Island" TYP Documentary


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I did a search and didn't come up with anything about this, so forgive me if I missed it.

I just finished watching this documentary and was curious if anyone else had seen it? I purchased from the park a few years back and have watched it many times. It was honestly a little sad at parts.Such an amazing park. Still wish it could be as it was then. Regardless, I'd check it out if you're into to the park or local history in general.

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I've owned the vhs of this recording since 99 and then purchased the dvd revision just a few years back. I remember my first thoughts after seeing the park footage when the real estate was maxed out (namely the footage from the sky ride looking down the mall toward the fountain). I had only seen family photos at that point and was shocked that the park grew to that size! I agree that it is very sad in some parts, but feel that it captures what a lot of patrons who frequented the park were feeling about the closure during that era. The real shock was when I visited the park for the first time the following summer and saw what it had become - what it had lost! In any case, it's a real treat to watch the video with a parent or grandparent who had visited Coney during its heyday :) My dad watched the video with me and explained what it was like to ride the Shooting Star and how it was like nothing he had ever ridden before!


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