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No More FUN Perks?


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I was only comparing actual perks/discounts and lack thereof between last year and this year, not speculating on possibilities, but if you want to go there, I'll bite. :) The answer is... complicated. Let me explain.

With FUN Perks, I had the opportunity to work toward significant rewards such as discounts on Fast Lane and season pass renewal. So I would have eaten in-park no matter what, because I knew that I was working my way toward something that I would really enjoy and/or benefit from.

With a flat discount, it would have to make the LaRosa's meal not just equal or lower in price compared to Waffle House, but lower by enough of a margin to warrant eating something I'm not in the mood for over going to Waffle House and getting something that I am in the mood for—because while I do limit my spending on KI trips, I am usually willing to spend a buck or two more to be more satisfied as long as I have the money to do so.

So would the discount have been sufficient to cause me to eat a less preferred meal? Let's see here. I spent exactly $11, including tax and tip, at Waffle House. I'd have to look at the LaRosa's menu again to refresh my memory on the exact prices. For the sake of this discussion, let's assume roughly $8 for the entree + $4 for the drink (because while I'll get the free ice water throughout the day to stay hydrated, I can't stand eating a meal with plain water); that makes $12 less 20% = $9.60 + 6.5% tax = $10.23. That's a bit of a savings, but not much.

So the answer is that I would probably still spend the extra fraction of a dollar to get something more to my liking at Waffle House. Funny, because I've advocated several times on here for the park to put in a flat, across-the-board discount on food and merchandise for gold pass holders. Call me a hypocrite for not wanting to take advantage of said discount, I guess. :P

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Although this made me a little sad to see this program go, I am sure they are working on coming up with something better to reimburse passholders. I used my coupon for $9.99 to take my mom for Mother's Day. We went a week after since I was at Cedar Point for Gatekeeper's opening weekend, but we had a blast and it was nice being able to get her in at a cheap price. At least they are giving us something, but I hope to see some kind of program return for purchasing items/food in the park. I liked the concept a lot.

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