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The Sign is now working..


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Wow! blink.gif

But, you kind of earned it. Insulting a mod on his forum isn't a good idea. Pat is awesome, and an excellent moderator, in my opinion. All the mods on here are great, but sobrider and AZ Kinda Guy are the best.

But anyways, the sign is neat. I think we have established this by now.

PS - There's nothing wrong with shaggy hair! biggrin.gif

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Everyone needs to take anger management after listening to him babble on, and on, and on.... pat is right, he never shuts up, and he is down right annoying. Its really bad when the security guys know who you are and everyone in the park talks about you behind your back. We have all been patient with you for way to long, so whatever happens, you had it coming.

" I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay!"

One of my personal favorite movies

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PKI_MAN gone!? BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE! ****, didnt read the last post.

In all seriousness, don't insult a mod. Thats just asking for an asskicking. Im a mod on another board, and yes, I have been insulted, resulting in bannage.

Pat, did you ban the IP or the name? Please say the IP.


If youre not mature enough to post things that are either fun to read or relevent, can we ban you? For example I give you PKI_MANs last post. I say we link together with PKIC and get him permablocked from both boards. See how he likes it then.

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