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Starting to Decode 2014

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Inverts aren't "bad" rides I'm my opinion.

Each ride is a different experience. I absolutely love Montu but Raptor is rougher to me . It could be the way my body reacts to the pacing and placement of elements on the ride. It could also be factors such as age, elements (weather), climate, or preventative maintenance of each ride over time.

There are other factors at play when it comes to what people think or want KI to build.

Are inverts out of date? It's debatable but I feel like so few have been built recently because larger parks already have one (or more). Kings Island could fit one in for sure but I think X Base would be more fitting since it's (somewhat) themed to flight and extra terrestrial experiences. Add in the fact that Action Zone already has Invertigo and Flight Deck with cars below the track and suddenly that type of ride seems less unique and wouldn't stand out as much.

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I think for some people it has to do with a lot of inversions. I can ride Diamondback,Beast,and other rides like that all day but I can only take a ride like raptor once or twice in one day. I get dizzy after a couple of rides. I can't ride Vortex more then once either. So I think for some its the going upside down multiple times.

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More posts lost during the server migration:

OK lets try to get back on topic of "Decoding" this is getting a tad ridiculous.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture with some colors :P


This decode is going to be based off of my thinking of the ride being an Invert. Not that I want an invert specifically but that's my personal opinion on what it is. That said I am going to try to decode some of the things I see. Yet, to this point, I have not gone into detail about decoding what I see. Consider this my first attempt.

Color Black:

This to me can be nothing but the station/transfer track area. I can see no other reason so many foots would be placed so close together in a line next to each other. I think this can be 100% confirmed and deemed a dead topic of decoding.

Color Orange:

I believe this to be the start of the lift hill. If you look at any other inverted coaster, if this is in fact an inverted coaster, the footprint of the invert for the bottom of the lift hill are all very similar to this. If this is not the lift hill then my entire theory is thrown out the window.

Color Yellow:

This is something, I and many others, brought up about the clearing of trees next to Adventure Express' entrance line. Now this could be strictly maintenance purposes but its something intriguing to say the least. I'll leave this as a mystery for now.

Color Blue:

This to me seems like the track will trail off down in the valley and return back to the station/transfer track from the valley. I think it will run through the valley giving some good, land hugging, experiences throughout. It will have one special effect but I feel this will mostly be land hugging of the coaster, while I feel the flips/loops/corkscrews/barrel rows and what have you, will be near or around the lift hill/entrance.

Color Green:

The 3 triangle footers in this are are interesting to me. I am still unsure about this. I feel they could be used for multiple things. Perhaps, the lift hill does a turn bank back towards Delirium as has been stated before, but if that's the case what are the other 2 for? Perhaps a helix that was also stated but this is something we should be trying to decode if anything. "What those 3 giant triangles are for". Another thing to take into consideration is what if the left hill goes up then does a turn and goes up again. Now I realize that may sounds like the Roller Coaster Tycoon talking in me, and granted its probably a little bit true, but I don't see why that couldn't happen here either. If that does happen however my theory is once again out the window as it would probably then being making a left turn to go out towards the valley. Hmmm....

Color Purple:

This as has been stated before will probably be a turn back. I will not dive deeper into this as I don't see enough evidence for anything but that at this point.

All in all, I am probably not even close, but I wanted to get us back on the actually reason this thread was even created. "Decoding"



If you have the lift going that way and only having the top of the lift be before it gets to Adventure Express, it'd either have to be a REALLY steep lift to get to a decent height, or it would be a small lift other wise, probably barely 100 ft tall. If you go out further than that, you start to get over the Oktoberfest paths and possibly out into the lake, not the best place to put a first drop on a ride. The first drop going to the right would also come awefully close to Sling Shot. I imagine there has to be some room around it to give way for if the pod swings around when its bouncing around. I also can't see a big element that close to Delirium either, especially on a side where it's actually swinging through.

Secondly, the footers in line with those 2 parallel footers don't look like lift supports. We should be seeing parallel footers all the way down in a straight line from that point, which there are none. They're all scattered in more random patterns plus you have all those triangle footers which look like they'll have 3 supports in them. On B&M's, those are used either for lower track with a triple support to handle the higher speeds, or its a point where supports from multiple angles come in an converge, indicating it'll be a more twisted and compact area. I think that will be the end of the ride, not the beginning.

^While you make valid points, I disagree with your lift hill. If you look at the long rectangular cement footer I pointed to in Orange, most inverted coaster lift hills you look at start with the same (or very similar) 2 rectangular pattern. Why would you need such a heavy duty footer for the turn into the transfer track/station? That just doesn't make any sense. Based off this alone I think this is the start of the lift hill.

Edit - for spelling

Secondly, the footers in line with those 2 parallel footers don't look like lift supports. We should be seeing parallel footers all the way down in a straight line from that point, which there are none.

Something we should probably take into consideration is the possibility that they have not yet built the remaining footers for the lift hill. I've seen recent construction photos that have shown dump trucks traversing the area where those footers would be placed. By not constructing those additional footers yet, it would make it easier for the trucks to move through the area without running into a footer that has already been constructed. They may be waiting to build them until after they've finished whatever they're doing in the construction zone just on the other side of the fence adjacent to Delirium.

There were also several posts not related to decoding 2014, which I didn't quote.

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Wow, making the "real" 2014 thread private has really killed the momentum here. Way to go kic....

This replacement thread had actually gotten going at a pretty good pace, but half the posts in it were lost in the server change last night.

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