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Paramount's Kings Island soundtrack (circa 2003)?


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Alright... Got a question for some of the more seasoned members around here. Mainly those with a decent recollection of the days around when this site was started.

At some point within a couple years in either direction of 2003, did the park release a soundtrack featuring several ride soundtracks including Phantom Theater, The Wild Thornberrys' River Adventure, Adventure Express, possibly Tomb Raider, and others? Tomb Raider may have been on its own soundtrack.

Now, the reason I ask: in my many (many, many, many) Googlings about anything I can find from defunct Kings Island rides, I've found cover art for a Tomb Raider: The Ride soundtrack. I've never figured out if that was fanart or an actual soundtrack, but then again, there isn't exactly a detailed history of KI merchandise over the past decade out there that I've found. Also, it's my understanding that now-defunct PKI fansites had several ride soundtrack clips available to download (as in downloading the sound file to your computer.) As I can't imagine KI at any point just handing off copyrighted music files to a fansite to share as it pleases, I have to imagine there was some kind of CD they were copied from and shared. I don't understand how legalities play into any of that, but I guess that's just how it was.

Three or four years ago, I attempted to contact Rob Pottorf to see if I could purchase the TRTR soundtrack, but he legally wasn't be able to sell it, as I recall. So if this topic is encouraging illegal activity, please feel free to lock and/or delete it, admins. :)

I know this question is pretty far out there, but I've Googled until my fingers are just about ready to fall off. :lol: You guys are pretty much my last resort here. Anyone happen to remember this sort of thing from back then?

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