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Defunct Parks

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I've known for a while about Chippewa Lake, a defunct park here in Ohio. I've always wanted to go explore back there and take pictures of all the defunct rides, but as of this summer their largest roller coaster has been demolished as well as the majority of the other rides and attractions that were once standing.

But now I'm on a mission to find a defunct park. I think it would be so cool to explore one. Does anyone know of any other defunct parks in Ohio, maybe a little further out (I don't want to go crazy with this, just a day trip kinda thing)?

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I know most people love to dump all over wikipedia but this list is a good place to start. There are 21 on this list in Ohio.


See also.


I wouldn't expect being able to tour any places that are still standing due to them being on private land and all.

Here is a good place to see pictures of Chippewa Lake.


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Hmmm maybe just glimpse from the outside then. I remember going to the International Livestock Expo in Louisville (nerdy 4-H horse knowledge contest) and seeing the defunct KK and I couldn't stop staring at it because of how creepy the rides looked all overgrown with weeds.

I'm not much of a rule breaker... defunct parks are still cool though :)

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I don't really know why anyone would want to see an defunct park. I find them really depressing and sad.

Even watching videos, my eyes tear up and I can't finish it. I can't imagine being there in person.

EDIT: 666th post!

While I agree with you 100% about how hard it is for me to watch videos of a parks demise into closure, I have gone to the defunct Geauga Lake Property twice since its closure in 2007. I usually go around the parks perimeter and stop at certain areas, and just quietly sit there, looking into the past and remembering what once was. The only park that holds as many (or more) special memories to me than that park, is Adventureland in Iowa. Thankfully, I can still go inside the gates of that one (legally).

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