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Scream for A Kid Again on Banshee

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Despite enduring bone cancer, a child named Gabriel that you'll hear more about this summer, and his family enjoyed laughter, joy and healing times at Kings Island before losing his battle at age 6. Gabriel was A Kid Again at Kings Island. It was his favorite place on earth.

The fundraising that you do to participate or the donations that you make to someone raising funds for the "Scream for A Kid Again" event will enable literally HUNDREDS of local children like Gabriel and his family to enjoy fun-filled events throughout the year. Each time one of the children with life-threatening illness and their families attend an adventure like Kings Island, or perhaps the ZOO, a Reds of Cyclones game, they're giving illness a giant time out!

For those that participate in this event, you're going to remember this night for a long, long time and what it meant to Scream for A Kid Again.

The sculpture of Gabriel Taylor will be unveiled on May 9th. From the images on the Gavin Bruce Creative Facebook page, the sculpture is breathtaking. I think this will be such a beautiful tribute to a brave boy and A Kid Again.

For some reason my phone is not permitting me to copy the link correctly.

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Kings Island on Facebook:

"In this photo, Ohio-based nonprofit A Kid Again chief executive officer Jeffrey Damron (left) and Kings Island vice-president and general manager Greg Scheid (right) unveil a bronze statue during a ceremony at the park today in celebration of the life and memory of Gabriel Taylor, a child who fought osterosarcoma for 21 months before succumbing to his illness at age 6.

The statue was given with gratitude to Kings Island for 50,000 tickets given in the past 18 years and raising more than $200,000 for A Kid Again through first ride auctions on the Diamondback and Banshee roller coasters. The gift and fundraising has fostered hope, happiness and healing for families raising kids with life-threatening illnesses, while making millions of cherished memories.

The life-sized statue was designed in Gabriel Taylor’s likeness by Columbus College of Art & Design student, Gavin Bruce."
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