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"Cirque Imagine" at Kings Island


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Does anyone here have or can you link to high quality video of the show? Even if it is just short clips? I won't get a chance to get back to Kings Island for a year or two.

Also, what company is Kings Island getting this show from?

Taking photos/video isn't permitted, per the announcement at the beginning of the show.

There are videos of their show at Canada's Wonderland on YouTube, and people have probably posted (unauthorized) clips of the KI show by now.

The company producing the show: http://www.productionshautvol.com

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This interview with the long-haired clown (Julien Roberge) has some footage of the act, and is fairly interesting besides:


Edited to add: I hope that they consider releasing an official video of the show after the season is over. I would be willing to buy a copy of it on DVD. For now, getting to see it in person is even better, though.

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Today they had another new giant ring girl. She looked a lot like the girl from HAND2HAND. In fact, I thought it was her into she was in the next segment in a different costume. I think they're related.

The new girl is pretty darn amazing with the ring. She doesn't have the speed of the other girl, or that inhuman limberness but she has some moves that are really neat. Let's just say she uses her tiny stature greatly to her advantage.

But hey - that's Cirque for you... Every show is different. Gotta see it every visit!

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