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Birthday KI trip. 8/16/14


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Yesterday was my 14th birthday and my dad surprised me by buying me and himself Fast Lane for my birthday! We got to the park at 11:25 and went to Diamondback first and the normal line was about 20-25 minutes. Next we went to the roughest ride I've ever had on The Beast. Next we did WindSeeker and Vortex and I actually rode in 4-1 for the first time (didn't make any difference to me). We did some bumper cars and Adventure Express.

We were going to do The Bat but it wasn't on Fast Lane even though it had a 20 minute wait. I will never understand why Congo Falls has FL but not The Bat. We rode Drop Tower 3 times and went to the Chicken Shack. This was the first time I had eaten there and it was pretty good. It was about 1:20 so we went to see Cirque Imagine for the first time. It. Was. Amazing. I was stunned by how awesome it was and I hope it makes a return for the 2015 season (as well as SR&R).

We rode Invertigo next and I don't know why people hate it so much, I loved it. We did Adventure Express again before having to wait 40 minutes for Banshee. My dad is a diabetic so we went out to the car so he could take his medicine. We went to Diamondback again. Every queue lane was filled and a 90 minute wait but FL was about a 10 minute wait. We sat down and ate some Auntie Anne's pretzels then did The Beast 3 times with a 10 minute FL wait each time. The last time we waited 25 minutes for the front and rode at about 9:20.

My dad had never seen the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower and couldn't wait to see. Have they always had two decks open? We got in the elevator that I feel like I hadn't ridden in years and we went up to the top deck. We watched the fireworks and went down to go home. 10/10 birthday and I couldn't have spent it any better.

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Happy birthday!

Have they always had two decks open?

They only use both decks on very busy days when they need to maximize capacity and have enough people available to staff both elevators and both decks. Otherwise only one deck is used, typically the top one (right elevator), though the one below it (left elevator) is sometimes used instead when it is desirable to have a roof (e.g. if it is raining).

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