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Is The Coaster Crew the best club for me?

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I have always wanted to get involved with a club that has to do with roller coasters and amusement parks. I have recently sent American Coasters Enthusiasts a request for them to send me an application to join, and that should be arriving in the mail in a few weeks. But if have just found out that the Coaster Crew exists too. I have found out that The Coaster Crew is a lot cheaper, but would it be better for me? I really want to get involved with a club that consists of amusement parks, and I would like to meet people who have the same passion for roller coasters as I do. So is this the right club for me?

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If events in Ohio & surrounding states interest you, Great Ohio Coaster Club might be another consideration. I suggest checking out the scheduled events of each club that you are considering.


Going to an event as a guest of an existing member is one way to "test out" a club. With any of them, you'll have the chance to meet people of all sorts of backgrounds & experiences who share a passion for amusement parks.


Do be aware that Coaster Crew was not part of 2015's CoasterMania, though they are hosting an event at Cedar Point next month.

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This year's GOCC events are/were at Kennywood, Michigan's Adventure, Carowinds, & Cedar Point. They hosted a Kings Island event last year.


GOCC also gives you access to park-sponsored events such as CoasterStock at Kings Island, HoliWood Nights at Holiday World (with $20+ membership options), and CoasterMania at Cedar Point.

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We do have quite a few members in Michigan, with a huge population of over 500 in Ohio.


If you plan to stick in the Ohio area for events, GOCC might be for you.  Keeping in mind, if you plan to travel in the future or attend park sponsored events like CoasterStock, Holiwood Nights, The Coaster Crew is also recognized by those parks for events.  In 2015 we have held events or been apart of park hosted events at the following parks:



Kings Island

Holiday World

Six Flags St. Louis

Coasting for kids at all Cedar Fair Parks

Six Flags New England


Cedar Point

Six Flags Great Adventure

Busch Gardens

Kings Dominion


We also have a long list of perks and discounts at parks across the country available to members.  

The Coaster Crew is a huge advocate of all clubs, we embrace them all and we encourage our members and staff to support them also.


Although we do not guarantee any kind of ride sharing we have on many numerous occasions have helped members find means for car pooling. 


On another note, we are working hard to become apart of the approved list for Cedar Point once again, although this has not taken place yet, we hope to see our club name on that list again in the near future.


Whoever you choose to join, we know you will have a great time meeting new friends!


Good luck!

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Coaster club ERT is generally only for special events, and you must register for an event to qualify for any ERT. Your membership allows you to register for club-sponsored and some park-sponsored events.


Additionally, some parks may grant members of certain coaster clubs access to season passholder ERT even without a season pass. You'd need to check with your club and/or with the individual park. Coaster Crew has a members-only discounts page that lists any benefits applicable at each partner park.

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Platinum is currently their only membership option.


The "upgrade" option is for people with an older, non-platinum membership who want to upgrade. New members, as well as those needing to renew, should select the platinum (not upgrade) option.

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The site seems kind of confusing. For instance, the membership joining. It says platinum memberships for current members wishing to upgrade, but it seems like that is the only option for joining.

That is the only option to join as a new member. 

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