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Cell phones on rides


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I just use cargo shorts, I can fit my pass, phone, money, and half the state of Texas in them without having to worry about stuff falling out. The only thing I have had fly out on me was a park map but that was because I put it in my hoodie pocket. I don't believe I have been to a park in the last 2 seasons without a pair.

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I hear it mostly on WindSeeker, I hate it when people have their phones out and they have to come over the pa and interrupt the music that makes WindSeeker what it is. My dad has a holster for his phone and he pulls his shirt down over it when we get in line, it has never caused a problem. Also, you can just get a locker by Banshee for 1$ an hour

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  It has never caused a problem, doesn't mean it never will. The lockers, a zippered or deep pocket, are really the safest choices both for the device, and other passengers or persons on the ground. And by deep pocket, I mean one that will allow the phone to sit on your thigh, beneath the bend at your hips in a sitting position. Not a real issue on WindSeeker, but something like Banshee, it could be. 

  Not trying to preach, just an observation. Anything made by man, has a potential to fail. 

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