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Soak City questions


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Got a handful of questions on the water park.


Our 8 year old has been begging to go all year, so we finally agreed to take him on sunday, along with our 4 year old, however we've never been (or perhaps haven't been in a very long time, can't recall if I ever went to the water park at KI, went to The Beach many times as a kid, not sure about the one at KI).  Anyhoo, figured many of you have answers.


I've read about getting lockers and what not, and am prepared, however, if we have beach towels laying on a chair, are those in serious jeopardy if we walk away to do ride something?  What about flip flops?  Wouldn't plan to bring our best towels, nor a great pair of flip flops, but if we need to gather our stuff and throw it in a locker along with anything else any time one of us isn't at a chair somewhere we will.


My daughter is pretty good at swimming in the "shallow end" up to 3 foot or so, but would need a life vest (or at least I'd feel more comfortable with one on her) for any "bigger" slides she's tall enough for, the wave pool, etc...  She's roughly 42" so I don't think she can ride any of the really big ones, are there slides for kids where the lifevest is a good option, or are the small kid ones all so small that there is little threat?  Can we bring our own life jacket from home, or do we have to rent/borrow one from KI?


Sunday calls for highs in the upper 70s, so its not going to be overly hot, but its still a Sunday.  Should we expect a crowded Soak City?  We've got church in the morning, then Sunday school, then dropping the infant off at my mother in law's house, so realistically we wouldn't make it to the water park until around 12-12:30.  Definitely can't make it there for opening at 11:00 (or earlier if they have early access for Gold passes, which I think they do, but is moot)


Any other advice?  Our 8 year old has been on all of the coasters at KI with the exception of Firehawk, heights generally don't bug him much, not sure about slides.  I'm definitely more hesitant on heights.  Coasters don't bother me too much, but there are slides I will avoid for sure, not sure about my wife and slides.  The Cliff at the Beech felt huge when i was a kid, and was brave enough to try it many times, but now as I drive by it looks puny compared to slides at KI.

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I have 11 & 13 year old boys and water parks have been our staple for years. They will have a blast. Was a ARC Guard and Y Instructor.

Life jackets: "Guests are permitted to wear their own life jacket; however it must be Coast Guard certified." I can't recall the exact USCG symbol but it should be printed anything certified. Things like water wings are not certified. CF has a wide variety of jackets available and from what I have seen plenty of them (free). I would use theirs.

Comming off the bigger slides can be turbulent so you may want to have a jacket on her. As far as the wave pool is concerned the biggest factor is your swimming and water safety knowledge. I personally do not believe in life jackets for supervised swimming activities for my children however I have training and spent an incredible amount of time and money training my kids from a very young age. If in doubt put a jacket on them and maybe even yourself. The wave pool can get crowded and hectic and getting separated and disoriented can happen in a split second. Safety first.

Belongings: I bring old bath towels, cheap beach bags and leave the cell in the car, if you must have your cell get a locker. Never had anything taken except a souviner cup (those have value). :) Never lost flip flops either, but I am sure it is possible. They are not allowed on slides so everyone just kicks them off at the bottom of the stairs. I do t think $5 flip flops are a hot item. Crocs maybe.

Looking at the forecast for Sunday it looks right on the cusp of good water park weather. If it cloudy and the wind picks up being wet might not be comfortable. My oldest is little green alien skinny and gets cold very easily.

The best time to get there is at opening or 1/2 hour early for the big slides (trap door and big family raft). Expect longer waits getting there at noon. Does your church offer a Saturday evening service?

For body slides (non-tube) I highly recommend a rash guard to protect your back. Depending on body type the slides can be rough on them. CF allows them on slides now but may ask you to tuck them in. (New policy). Makes it easier to sunscreen the kids as well.

Bring snacks in is hit or miss. Officially not allowed but if they have a security checkpoint set up some will allow them some will not. (Suggest repackaging into ziplocks and be prepared to take them back out to car without fuss if rejected). Probably less likely to reject fruit slices than cheese its.

I personally allow my kids to use goggles because it is unreasonable to expect them to open their eyes underwater in heavily chlorinated public pools, not to mention another point of entry for infection. My oldest needs optical goggles to see anyway. You just can't get to mad at them for loosing them at a waterpark especially a girl without pockets.

Be a good citizen and shower before entering the pools, good idea for your own health to do so before leaving the park as well. :)

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