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Origins: a Cirque Experience 2017

Magenta Lizard

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Hey all, just a one week warning as Cirque ends one week from today! Make sure to get your last shows in this week while you still can; I'll be there at least tommorow and Sunday (for the last day). Sunday may be a sad day for some, but as Don says, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". :)

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You were warned: cheesiness ahead.

The end is nigh.

Bittersweet. Sad it's over. Happy that it happened.

Thankful that it has inspired new ways for me to grow and new hobbies to follow.

Full of awe at the stamina of the performers--they've performed with compounding vigor and passion from the start. Introspection about how I've changed since 2014 and (cheesy as it sounds) how cirque has been part of that. I want to grow to be that intentional and persistent in what I do.

Time will tell if cirque continues to exist at KI--whether it does or not, I'm so happy to have had the experience.

Thanks for the memories, KI and Haut-Vol.

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The last few shows were great. My total show count for this year was 43. For me personally,  I think Cirque wrapped up nicely and those last goodbyes following the 5 PM show gave some closure. And yes, I cried (during the 3 PM show, once the "Dum, dum" music came on the signal the precursor to the Dual Cyr ring act)! But I like that we fans had 3 shows to let it settle in, that Cirque was in fact leaving. I handed out tissues during the 7 PM show as the people behind me couldn't stop crying - and that's ok. In a way, it was like the 3 PM show was the last show and the other 2 were encores. As I said in my letter(s) I gave to the cast, I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. :D

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