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Kentucky Kingdom: Before and After

Gordon Bombay

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So I don’t post on here anywhere as much as I used to, but when I was much more active on KIC, one of my favorite things to do was create Photo Trip Reports. I loved authoring travelogues on places ranging from Cedar Point to Camden Park to the occasional visit to my home park of Kings Island. Over the past ten years though, the allure of visiting parks somewhat faded (although, if you follow my site by chance, I still visited plenty of abandoned ones). That all changed recently when I went to Kentucky Kingdom. So I’ve got a photo trip report in two parts.

Part 1: Before/After


In 2011, I had the opportunity to tour the park when it was closed/abandoned. Multiple ownership groups grappled for control, but now the park is very much alive. Check out side by side, interactive images showing what’s changed here.

Part 2: A review


I also took some time to just enjoy the park, ride the coasters, and have a look around. Overall, I think KK is pretty good, but what’s the deal with the constant one train operation? Overall, I'm pretty surprised at just how good this park ended up being. I had my doubts, but it won me over. Read more here.

Thanks for checking it out! I have to say, it felt good to write a PTR again!

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2 hours ago, flightoffear1996 said:

I love this.  We just got back from the park and it was alot more than I was expecting.  I actually had a better time there than our KI visit the next day!  Love this article!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post and your visit to the park. They've really done a good job turning that park around. 

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My wife and I actually visited the park earlier in June this year.  We even ventured into the water park for a few hours.  The water park has a weird set up, with new slides on the site that used to be home to Chang.  It is definitely a fun little park (although it isn`t exactly little).  Storm Chaser and Lightning Run are really fun, smooth rides.  Lightning Run doesn`t seem that tall or big, but it packs a big punch.  Definitely worth the trip.  And Storm Chaser is breath taking as well.

Nice to see you posting again Ronny.  I too have not posted here as much as I used to.  Been busy with my son.  My Kings Island trips have become more sparse, but still manage to visit about ten times so far this year.  I still am working at Coney, winding down in my 16th season working there.  Hard to believe I have been there that long.

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My son and I visited KK on 9/10. Lightning Run was a nice surprise.  With good airtime and pretty strong lateral, this coaster proved that height is not everything. 

Thunder Run reminded me of Hurler except a slight curves after the second turn. Still, this coaster was not tracking very well.  

Now, Storm Chaser was an absolute gem. I have to say this was the best coaster that made debut in 2016. This was better that Lightning Rod or Valravn.  That barrel roll first drop was quite a surprise. This had some of the most extreme air time I have ever been on. What a great coaster this was. Only big issue with this coaster was the train. Can RMC make their trains any more uncomfortable? 

T3 with new train was much more tolerable but there were some jackknifing going on with the coaster. 

Overall, this park was quite enjoyable. We were there for 3 hours and got 13 rides on Storm Chaser. With out of state pricing, it was $20 per person and free drinks. I will definitely return here just for Storm Chaser alone. 

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