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Question about switchbacks


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When I was in Rides, it was up to our discretion.  Some are easier to open than others.

I was about to say the same thing. Usually it’s up to the ride ops to manage the queue. Now I worked White Water Canyon in 2003 and that obviously does not have switchbacks

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2 hours ago, YOULLBEBACK said:

I've noticed that even on busier days, switchbacks aren't always used in all areas.  For example, The Beast never seems to use the ones up front near the station. 

I'm curious if there is a method or reasoning behind when these are utilized?

I think it all depends on the length of the line and who's being asked to open more queues. You'll noticed the lower queue section of Diamondback isn't open all of the time, nor is the full queue switchbacks near the ride entrance. It just depends on how many folks are coming in line, how much spill out and probably how busy the park is.

Sometimes I want them to open more of the switchbacks for The Bat :D

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