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  1. I wish they had a better lineup of artists. Sadly, I don't see any of these acts pulling in decent crowds.
  2. A day late and $91,000 short...
  3. This is awesome! Hopefully they can announce more acts for later in the summer.
  4. Interesting note on this podcast, at one point Barry mentions that KI is a "great park" and is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and mentions that they will be celebrating that this year (paraphrasing). Think about it. Why would he be mentioning the 50th anniversary and how they are planning on celebrating it this year? Those details would not be known from an actor/podcaster unless something was in the works. I'd bet anyone a blue ice cream cone that they will have some sort of Brady-themed celebration at some point this year with some of the actors. You heard it here first
  5. Dozens of aesthetic improvements, painting classic rides and taking great care of The Beast > any potential new coaster or ride Hyped for 2022!
  6. I can't wait to see this in person. I love The Beast, but this coaster IMO is the most culturally significant coaster still in operation. So happy to see KI give it the treatment it deserves.
  7. Disregard. This reply was intended for the "they probably deserve" comment which really hit a nerve with me. Not telling anyone what to do, just a prudent middle ground. Or something. I'll take my 2 cents back and exit the conversation.
  8. If you are talking just the ride itself - FOF hands down. Wonderful ride and theming and is in my top 3 in the park overall. But if we're talking overall experience and you factor in the lousy "premier rides" capacity with that experience, that's another story.
  9. Earlier in the season, I recall stories of very long lines even with FL+. With the weekends being so busy all year, I was curious if that was the case? I would hate to buy them only to end up waiting 30+ minutes for the more popular rides. We can’t make it out as much as we'd like but would consider this option, but don't want to buy them if they are over sold. Since it seems to be a busy year I thought I’d ask.
  10. I'll take anything that doesn't have a 20+ minute line on an average weekend day,
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