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I may have found a new thing

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So I was looking at the trademarks that Cedar Fair has made, trying to find Orion and Polaris, and I found one newer than them. It was called "Pass Perks" this interested me, so I clicked it, and I found this.


Now, I googled these pass perks and couldn't find anything about them. I can't find a forum post where they have already been brought up, an official announcement on them from Cedar Fair, or any sort of discussion about it. Did I just find something new or has this already been found? 


Trademark link for those who think it's fake: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4810:pwtzx6.5.1

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Pass Perks is a rewards program that has been testing at several Cedar Fair parks this season, including Kings Island. As it's currently implemented, after visiting the park, passholders get an e-mail with a discount for use during a future visit.

The program has been discussed in this thread:



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