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Things to Do With a 1 Year Old?


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Hey guys,

It's been quite a while since I've been on here, but my wife and I had our first child last October and as you'd expect, we've been preoccupied.

With that said, we've been talking about making our first visit to the park with our daughter.  She's 10 months old now, but will be around 11-12 months when we visit later this season in the fall.

My question is this, besides the train, are there any rides or attractions that you'd suggest for a child around a year old?  We were trying to think of what all is there, but it's been quite a while since I've been there with a young child!

Any suggestions would be welcomed and appreciated...thanks!

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The petting zoo in the outdoor theater on the edge of Planet Snoopy is good... Although I'm not sure if that ended for the summer already.


The water park has some fun play areas and splash pads that would be good too.


Sundays in the fall, the water park (dry) is set up for trick or treating and has fun games and things (like playing in dry corn) or story time with characters.



Also note that there is a hospitality building (fisher homes) across from chick fil a where you can go in and they they have changing tables, air conditioning, refrigerators for formula/milk, etc.


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Thanks guys, these are great suggestions!  I was pretty sure there was stuff to do, but I kinda wanted to have some ideas before we went.  I'm really looking forward to experiencing the park with our daughter.  It'll definitely be a lot of fun!

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