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Is there any Vortex resources/audio lines laying around?

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I'm looking to find anything to make a Vortex recreation for fun to be even better than I plan it to be. I've found stuff off of Sean Flaharty's YouTube page (such as audio and news reports on Vortex around opening day) and works well for what I need but is there more out there? Stuff such the "Vortex voice" (Here's an example off of Sean's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BXKQuVPJOY) that I believe was used for both The Vortex commercials and in the station, not sure though. I did some digging and couldn't find much so I'm reaching out for anything.

Hope to come across something over time, but for now just more digging!


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On 1/19/2024 at 4:56 PM, YuYuYuuki said:

Does anyone have any information on the "Vortex voice?" You mean the robotic one?

I'm gonna guess it was some uncredited intern put through a filter, but I could be wrong. What I'd really love is a clean copy of the stock music they used in the Coastermania VHS tape.


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