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Hey all, I haven't been to the park in years, but just in time for the 50th, I'm going!

I bought my season pass, but I'm so confused. The official KI site doesn't answer my questions...

*Will I get a physical pass? (An employee told me no, they don't send physical passes unless you ask for one. But there are pictures of physical passes on the site. So what is your pass if it isn't a piece of plastic?)

*The mobile app - how am I supposed to process my pass if I don't have the activation code from the back of the pass, if I don't have something in hand? I got a confirmation email showing that I bought the gold pass, and the drink pass, but I don't have the letters and numbers from the back of a pass that are needed to "process" the pass. Am I supposed to go to guest services or something?

*What does it mean to "process" your pass? The app shows what I bought, but it doesn't show that I have "processed" the pass...

Thanks all!

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I more or less had the same deal last year. They really need to clear that up when you order. Does your mobile app have the "voucher" for your pass when you tap "Me?" I had that last year before I got the physical pass and was able to scan it to park, and scanned it at the entrance and had to specifically ask for my card. Like IndyGuy4KI said, the email confirmation should have your bar code too.

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