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The 2022 Season Has Begun!

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This past weekend Kings Island opened for the 2022 season with the start of its 50th anniversary season. To say that Kings Islands is off to a great start is an understatement.  The park looks absolutely amazing and the 50th anniversary celebrations and season will be one that KICentral members will be reminiscing about on the forums for years to come!  

Coming into the park you are greeted by multiple banners on the light poles and the new 50th anniversary sign at the turn styles.



After walling in you get a new 50th celebration sign.



As you see all the details that went into this season, you can't help but wonder if you missed something that was freshly painted or was an added touch to just make the season that much more special to celebrate 50 years of Kings Island. One of the highlights for KICentral members on the forums was the added theming on International Street, and don't just look at eye level, there are more details on the second floor of the International Street buildings that you won't want to miss!  




Let's not forget the much anticipated look of The Racer with its new red, white, and blue paintjob gleaming in the KI skyline! We can't think of a better way to celebrate The Racer's 50 years at Kings Island.








We also have to highlight the restoration of The Grand Carousel and its organ, which sounds beautiful while taking a spin on the PTC classic. 






You will be amazed at all the different buildings and rides that got a fresh coat of paint as well. The last thing that I want to highlight is the new Sweet Spot made in house treats. You will want to stop and give them a try on your visit in 2022.






The 50th anniversary season is off to a sweet start, and all of us at KICentral feel this is going to be another wonderful year that you will not want to miss.  Stay tuned to the forums to keep updated and discuss the season with fellow Kings Island enthusiasts. We look forward to celebrating with you this season at Kings Island!

See our 2022 season pass preview and opening day video.


Photo Gallery for opening weekend.


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