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Kings Island Opening Weekend 2023

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Kings Island opened its gates to season pass holders on April 14th, 2023 and the new season officially started on April 15th, 2023 for its 51st season of operations. The weather could not have been better for an opening day with sunny weather and in the upper 70s. It is rare that you are able to attend the opening day in shorts, sandals, and having to apply sunscreen multiple times during the day. It was so nice just to be at the park and enjoy the atmosphere of Kings Island and spend time with your coaster family.

Adventure Port

Now for the 2023 park expansion, Adventure Port. This is really coming along and we hope to see some real progress being made in the next few weeks. Yes, it would have been nice if this area could have been ready for opening weekend. Nonetheless, seeing the progress being made was really cool, and look forward to seeing how it progresses along until it is open. 



See the full gallery of construction photos here: https://kicentral.com/photos/adventure-port-construction


Adventure Port - The opportunity boat was totally missed.

The biggest disappointment for Kings Island fans and guests was walking in and seeing Adventure Port blocked off with no new rides to experience or for that matter just non-existent. Let's break this down a bit and think logically. Since Cedar Fair has owned the park, Kings Island has a very good track record of opening attractions up with opening weekend most seasons. Can't say 100%, because Windseeker comes to mind, but overall we have to give Kings Island an A for getting rides opened on opening weekend. Kings Island really set the bar high with guests' expectations. That is an awesome achievement, and they really do deserve credit for that track record. 

Let's take a look at communication before the park opened. Nothing came out of the park making it seem that there was any delay in getting the new area ready for Opening Day.  Sure there were some who did not have high hopes to be able to ride Sol Spin and Cargo Loco opening weekend, but when you have said absolutely nothing to your guests and fans, they assume they have two new rides to try out that weekend. We are not marketing majors at KIC, but it seems they let the poor opportunity boat float in the sea and never got it into port.  Why weren't the media and fan sites brought out to see the area the last weekend or during the week before family night and preview day?

The park could have used that air time and press to explain how far you have come with construction, what is left to do, the status of the ride's arrival, what is involved in getting them installed, and when the expected reveal date will happen. Drawing attention to that date would have alleviated 85% of the disappointment that happened over the weekend.  KICentral is always here to support KI and will do everything it can to help the park. All you have to do is reach out, we will do everything we can to help.


Grain & Grill

The new Grain and Grill Restaurant is sure to be a big hit once it opens. The new façade really makes that building pop and looks great. We are very excited to have another unique menu restaurant created by the culinary team at Kings Island to use on the meal plan.






Diamondback Repaint Progress

The new paint job is coming along very nicely on Diamondback. I had my doubts about the mushroom brown on the supports when it was announced, but it really does look good. So far, they have everything from the station all the way through the first drop and the helix completed. I am not a paint expert, but it looks like some of the other track has been prepped for paint. Some on KIC and online have been asking why this is not further along or complete by now. Unlike other structures, the temperature has to be above 50 degrees, and might even be higher for the paint used on coasters. So painting could not really get in full gear until the last several weeks. I really can't wait until we see Diamondback complete. Here is a look at the lift hill.





See the full gallery of Diamondback's painting photos here: https://kicentral.com/photos/diamondback-repaint-2023


KICentral members met up and took a picture in the new Adventure Port. We hope you enjoyed preview day and opening weekend as much as we did and look forward to seeing you on the midways and on the boards as the season progresses. We will try to keep you up to date as much as we can on Adventure Port's progress until everyone is able to experience it for themselves!  

Adventure Port Construction Updates thread: https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45165-adventure-port-construction-updates/page/11



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