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73 New Photos

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My first batch of photos from my new Fugi digital camera. The quality is much better than my old one as you can see in my new photos here!

Also check out Ryans new photos from his new Cannon here!

Also, Ryan and I will be out at PKI all weekend to get you all new photos of the park and Boomerang Bay! So check back for a ENORMOUS update!

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Hey Dane! I was wondering when these pics were going to show up! Nice camera!!

It was nice meeting you at the Eagles yesterday! I noticed the shirt but I didnt wanna bother you so I started talking a little loud to my friend about that other (crummy) PKI site and I seen you kinda sniker a little bit so I asked what your user name was! Was shocked to find out you were "The Man"!!

Funny thing is, it looks like even before we met, you took a picture of me on the SRAR! It is blurry, but I am one of the people in the orange car in your pic! Small world huh!?

I am drooling over your 6x! Your pics really show it!

Until next time!

Ever onward,


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