What is KI?

KI stands for Kings Island, a Cedar Fair amusement park. It is a beautiful amusement park just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. The park features many legendary rides and attractions that will entertain children and adults of all ages.
How do I get to Kings Island?

Kings Island is located at:

6300 Kings Island Dr.
Kings Island, OH 45034
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What is the best way to see and do the most in a day at Kings Island?

 Rainy Days – The selection of your day will affect your experience a lot at Kings Island. If you go on a rainy day, crowds will be less inclined to spend time at the park, so if you can stand the weather, go on a gloomy day or day when it’s drizzling. (Please note that rides and attractions do shut down in the event of severe weather).

Week Days – Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to visit for less lines. Busiest Days are Saturdays, Sundays, and Fridays.

Get There Early – The park opens at 10am sharp, but you can enter International Street at starting at 9:30am. The rest of the park is roped off and security will begin allowing people through at 10am. The park requests that you don’t run.

KICentral Tip: Begin the day in the left of the park and work clockwise around the park. The Action Zone is generally the most crowded area of the park, so if you can beat the crowds there, then you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the rest of the attractions elsewhere in the park.

When the park begins to get crowded, try to enjoy attractions such as Banshee and Diamondback because those rides have particularly high capacities so the lines move much more quickly.

During the late afternoon or early evening, you can try to enjoy some of the attractions that normally have longer lines while others are eating dinner.

What are the must-dos for any trip to Kings Island?

There are countless things to do at Kings Island, but here are some of that, a day wouldn’t be a day without experiencing at Kings Island.

The Beast – A trip to Kings Island simply isn’t complete without a ride on the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, The Beast! Although the Beast is a thrilling and original experience at any time, it’s particularly thrilling after the sun goes down!

Drop Tower – Speaking of tallest in the world, Kings Island also offers the world’s tallest gyro drop. Drop Tower stands 315ft tall. This insane ride tows you up, while gyroing, and when it reaches the top, you suddenly plummet 264ft!

FireWorks – On any night during the regular season that the park closes at 10:00 or later, the park has its nightly Fireworks Spectacular which is an amazing assortment of fireworks that you can watch as you bid farewell to Kings Islandfor the evening! Fireworks can easily been seen from almost everywhere in the park. Best places being the Eiffle Tower and International Street.

Diamondback – The tallest, fastest, most thrilling ride in the park. Built in 2009 and still rated as one of the top coasters in the US today.

Banshee – Ruled the worlds best Inverted roller coaster, this ride packs every feature you may ever want in a inverted coaster. A world wide renowned roller coaster since its debut in 2014.

Mystic Timbers – A Great Coasters International wood coaster  featuring 16 air time hills as it runs through the woods of Rivertown.

Orion – In 2020 experience a 300 ft drop Giga Coaster! 

Is there a Gluten Free menu?

Yes, there are different gluten free menu options in the park, check with customer service for more info. Note that you may need to wait for the menu item to be prepared after you order.

Where can I find lodging near Kings Island?

There are many places to stay near Kings Island. 

Here is a link of Kings Island approved list of lodging locations.

Where can I find ticket and season pass  information?

Link to the parks official website.

How can I contact the park?

You can write to the park at:
Kings Island
6300 Kings Island Dr.
Kings Island, OH 45034