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  1. Totally agree. Plus all the decor is designed to look great in the day as well as night (in fact a lot of the detail is lost at night, so it would actually be better to have more day time)
  2. True, but I wouldn’t want to be in the marketing department of the park loosing the parade this year so it could go someplace else trying to come up with good spin on that. Once you give a gift it’s hard to take it away. I think they are probably testing in a market with a better chance for more “runs” based on weather before rolling it out to all. WF locations.
  3. I’m sure there is a “complete package” they are aiming for once they figure out what works best where and we won’t see major adds every year once the parade is added next year (hint hint) but these first few have been pretty dramatic with shifting things around.
  4. I love that they are definitely not just resting on their laurels with a successful event. They keep adding and stepping it up each year.
  5. Wow. How did people function years ago when they actually had to wait patiently until something was complete to see it????
  6. Cool. Maybe I just was off on my timing.
  7. Except that it seemed by the end of the season it was back to being broken. Did I just miss every “show”?
  8. I’m really disappointed in CF for not doing the parade here. I mean basically KI “gave birth” to WinterFest. To me it should be the flagship event for KI, and KI should be the flagship park for it (as in all new concepts go to KI first) especially when the infrastructure is in place from CARNIVALE.
  9. I love that winter fest is close, but I wouldn’t vote for it for the above stated reasons
  10. I wish we had done of the entertainment options of ‘05 (parade, train that was basically a show, superior Toy Factory in a Better theatre (no running around, getting food, talking over the show like festhaus) combined with the iteration we have now of decor, rides, additional entertainment etc. I really think the “snoopy spectacular” could move into festhaus and not loose anything. Put Tinkers in the main theatre (or even another, better show) and add better cover/ heat to showplace and use that for something (maybe tinkers there if they put something new in the big theatre)
  11. Interesting when you zoom in on that one fountain shot you realize they used the same plumbing that was there before for the side jets. Probably came off the center “pedestal” hook ups fir the squiggle. It looks like there’s and antennae on the “valve box” and a DMX cable coming out of the other one. Thinking the fountains are all individually controlled at the nozzle, not in a main pump room and it looks like maybe wirelessly? Just interesting seeing the set up without water.
  12. Good for her. She deserve a sunny, well attended send off. I was maybe heading over this afternoon around 5 or so, but maybe let last Friday’s night in a cloud of fog be the last roll. Honestly. I quit riding V a few years ago, but my few rides since the announcement have been the smoothest I’ve ever had. Maybe I’m giving V grace on her last few runs and not being quite as critical?!??!
  13. How bad is Vortex on it’s swan song day?
  14. How do they determine from day to day when wristbands have been given out. Last night they were just “glancing for yellow” so just wondering what they use to tell day to day.
  15. Yeah. It seemed a bit “nutty” last year. Like “hey kids, look what OUR tree can do. It was changing every 5 seconds. Sometimes just a gentle wash of color, or a subtle fade would be nice.
  16. I have NO IDEA. My pants must’ve wanted in on the conversation!
  17. The pass holder has to be there as it is tied to their pass. They must present the pass to get the wristband. I’ve been trying to figure out a way around that as well since I’m in the same boat with a wife and kid who won’t use theirs. I wanted to try to use theirs with one of my olders a second time, but I pudgy gavevtgem “redeem them “ the last time they’re we’re there and save them for later, nor do y HD ey want to go just to get them and give them to me and a kid, or my two older kids. At this point o figure their two are just waste, but they were free so I guess no harm.
  18. It’s odd that these seem to have just appeared. I don’t recall seeing them last Saturday when I rode. I also noted today lights have been added to see the “rock memorial” born...died that was there but not lit last weekend. Leads me to believe there was a big of a last minute-ness to this decision as it seems like the “going away party” is being planned at the last minute.
  19. Actually sometimes it was a male soldier as well. The premise was written (and the set pieces designed) so it could be either as the soldier.
  20. Agree. It’s a lazy way to theme something. I thought the White Christmas Express was a great idea during WF2005. It could’ve used a bit more ummmpf but would love to see them build on that idea. The 12 days things could maybe be a big walkthrough along “winter fest way” and move the stained glass stuff to a different location.
  21. I agree the set lists need to be updated. With the huge number of pass holders making multiple repeat visits they definitely need to refresh shows ever 2-3 years. Even if they just rotated a few in rep every few seasons. Traditions are nice, but you don’t want to get too stale.
  22. As of yet not listed. I cant imagine it wouldn’t be.
  23. And so far no real new additions listed. Hoping more gets added to the roster as we get closer.
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