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  1. I'm with you. Can't say I'm surprised though. Fancy paint job would have cost more. They don't seem to be splurging on anything with this one.
  2. Vortex, WindSeeker and DB are not in The Beast’s line of sight except for at the top of the second lift. And they are thousands of feet away anyway. This will be directly ahead of you on The Beast after you make the turn out of the first drop, and will tower above the tree line. People on this thread were riding The Beast to see the the early stages of land clearing over there. If they could see tree removal, you’ll be able to see this turn-around. I still can’t wrap my brain around why they would take this ride anywhere near The Beast considering how much land they have and how many other options are available to them, but I’m sure they know something I don’t know...
  3. I think people have every right to be disappointed. We love the park and want it to do big, great things. This is the only time we will ever get an investment like this, and while I’m sure it will be a GP crowd-pleaser and get a decent return, saying “shut up and be grateful for your ride” isn’t fair. It is disappointing because to pull in big TOURIST crowds, that’s when big record-breakers matter, and I had hoped this was the direction this park would ultimately go, but it seems they don’t want to compete with their own tourist base to the north. Mostly I just don’t get the exorbitant expense for a ride like this. I was almost sure the initially leaked plans were fake because it just didn’t make business sense to me. There are a lot cheaper ways to bring in *some* people and appease the GP. Maybe ways that wouldn’t stomp all over the once-charming look of The Racer, add another massive south-facing lift hill to the skyline, and ruin The Beast’s backwooded solidarity - its best attribute. The 30 feet of trees between the two rides will offer almost no camouflage from a towering, colorful, roaring 100-ft-tall turnaround. If we’re going to be relegated to being in the “charming family park” category, and not get the very best roller coasters, I’d rather we at least actually kept the charm. Finding the cheapest way to technically have a Giga is not a good sign for how the chain considers the park.
  4. What, no more trim on the first drop?? I'm kidding. Of course it would be sacrilege to deface The Beast, but this ride would be a blast. Love the entry to the double helix.
  5. Yeah I remember that too. Loved the front when I was younger and it was just an empty shell. I haven't ridden in a while, but I haven't ridden anywhere but 5-1 in years, so I have no idea when the wall was added. I love the trains and of course this ride is ridiculously picturesque and a delightful throwback, but I think a train swap might make this much more ride-able for the GP, and the more people actually ride it, the more the park might see it as worth keeping. I haven't seen it as anything but a walk-on the last several times I've been.
  6. Does anyone have insight as to why they're choosing to run this so close to The Beast? I know the land toward the river it isn't flat like the stretch of land they're clearing, but they have so much land back that way - they could absolutely use that terrain, right? Running parallel to The Racer is giving me a bit of the 'goliath-over-colossus' effect which is a bummer since Racer's silhouette is so charming (notwithstanding the huge box behind the lift hill), and, even with a cushion of trees they've left, this massively risks imposing on The Beast's seculsion. Just wondering if the topography is more limiting than I would have guessed, because I can't think of any other reason they'd choose this path. Also, I'm getting picky here, but I hope the Diamondback and Giga lift hills are not oriented the same way. If the station ends up going where Firehawk was and the lift heads toward this new clearing, they'll be nearly parallel. I'm thrilled we're getting the ride, don't get me wrong, I'm just thinking of what effect this massive structure will have on the skyline. No matter what, it's fun to watch this unfold! Thanks for all the intel.
  7. I think a blitz or similar non-Intamin (noooo) multi-launch would fit nicely in the plot of land to the left of the main gate, alongside the parking lot. Sell Invertigo for scrap, use that station area, and let it snake alongside the amphitheater back toward the Top Gun station. Plenty of land. Nice marquee attraction right up front, yet not corrupting the front gate like the main gate coaster trend from a few years back. Maybe tie it in with an Action Zone re-theme. Maybe even Intamin will have a rebirth after the big Islands of Adventure jobs and their switch-track multi-launch going into BGW. They won't be able to get back in CF's good graces in time for our Giga, but maybe some day.
  8. Just watched the POV and all I can think is how beautiful this thing would be if Kenton's Cove was still there and the view from that first drop was the forested lake just beyond the train tracks. Right by the splashdown. I know DB would have probably stomped on that if TR hadn't, but man that would be pretty.
  9. Haha I know SOB was hard to ride, especially at the end there, but the idea was so epic, and in its first year or two I thought it was really REALLY fun. Seems like now that CF owns it, they're getting back at KI for trying to compete with them back in the day and taking the wooden(ish) hyper looper for their own. I know it's I-box so it'll be a hybrid, but still. They're like "here you guys can have a B&M invert - everyone else had one in 1997." This is all light-hearted by the way. Banshee is fun. And Mystic Timbers was a really cool choice (we shall see about the shed). It was really unpredicatable and unique and fits well with KI's overall appeal and should be a blast if it's as quick and full of airtime as it seems like it will be.
  10. Yeah we don't need any retrofits. While I think a ground-up RMC would have been a nice addition this year, I'll take a classic airtime woodie any time. Even if the name is embarrassing.
  11. I think if they get rid of the merch booths/games where Skylab used to be, they could open up a nice big pathway between The Racer's initial turn toward the lift hill and the last turn of Adventure Express which could connect into a big x-base expansion. Connect all the way through to the FOF exit and add a flat and food and bathrooms that everyone has been suggesting for years. This would be good to do in conjuction with the potential giga in 2022 whose lift could head between FOF and AE and run the whole safari grounds or over behind Banshee. It's not great placement for the station, optically, but it would add excitement to Coney Mall which hasn't had a major upgrade in a while and also that placement would look really nice in the skyline. Especially if it was Intamin (I know, I know - still holding out hope that they will get it together) instead of B&M since Diamondback is heading off the other direction and Banshee would be in the foreground. If you removed Congo Falls and Invertigo (wouldn't be sad to see either one go), I think that would be a great spot for the station for a nice big Mack or Intamin (ok fine, not intamin) hyper/multi-launch utilizing the land from right next to the main gate over behind timberwolf. Then in a few years when The Bat becomes too expensive to maintain or, like King Cobra, there are just no parts left, both that coaster and Timberwolf can go making room for a massive expansion in that corner.
  12. I know we have Mystic Timbers, so obviously we wouldn't be getting one of these any time soon, but Cedar Point and Kings Dominion both get RMCs now too? No Fair! Just saw the leaked photo of the RMC truck next to Hurler. Now with RMCs at the closest parks in either direction, we're definitely not getting one of those especially since none of our woodies need retrofit. And Mean Streak is totally stealing SOB's thunder with these 200+ rumors and probable inversions. Bummer.
  13. I'm with you on that. "Action Zone" is not so action-y anymore without the Paramount theming. Also I just always thought the Drop Tower logo was a little too cheesy, even for Cedar Fair.
  14. Not bashing them. Just curious. Their hypers are fun and floaty and I'm sure their gigas are a blast. Nothing like the power and roar of a B&M. And those two rides are getting insanely positive feedback, that's for sure. I have just ridden lots of Intamins and lots of B&M hypers and they obviously offer wildly different rides. Curious as to the justification in having two coasters in the same park that, to the GP at least, seem very similar.
  15. I'll take the s&s barn swing and maybe something else from silver dollar for Invertigo. They might take the trade too. They have no invert and it's a small park. And KI needs another flat or two. Or I'd love if we could get anyone to trade us their flume and replace our poor kenton's cove keelboat canal. Rip out that eyesore Tomb Raider building and put it right back there. All the real estate is still there even with Diamondback and MT. Last Diamondback helix would fly over the loading platform that's it. And it would bring some actual water back to RIVERtown. The DB splashdown doesn't count.
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