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  1. I would love if lightning rod wasn’t such a mess because a massive launched topper track woodie on the old Vortex plot would be wonderful and picturesque and it could fill a gap that doesn’t compete directly with the nearby Cedar Fair hybrids, and feels very different from other things in the KI lineup for the GP. But if Cedar Fair is done working with RMC, El Toro is my number one, so if intamin’s BGV installations are smooth, I can see a world where CF starts working with them again. Especially now that they’re playing with stalls and outerbanks, a new inverting prefab from them could be an extremely unique world-class coaster.
  2. That 360 is sweet! Although you can really see how slim the line of trees is between the turnaround and Beast brake shed.
  3. Does anybody know of a good ride-through video of Phantom Theater? The few that I found on YouTube are really low-quality. I seem to remember watching one a couple years back that was decent but I can’t find it now. Also, can anyone remember what the setting was for the room that used the Pepper’s Ghost effect? The big room with the reflected animatronics? I can only picture the big ballroom from Haunted Mansion and can’t for the life of me remember what ours was. And yes, though this thread has been dead for a while, I’d love to see PT return. I don’t think the park knew what they had when they tore it out. For a regional park to have a nearly-disney-level dark ride Is almost unheard of. If Disney tore out Haunted Mansion there would be riots haha. I’m sure the park wouldn’t want to spend the money especially since in its last few years the ride wasn’t all that popular, but there’s really no comparison to boo blasters in terms of quality. And really cool to have original characters unique to our park, made with that quality level. I’d love if we took a turn back to the true “theme” park days.
  4. Because of the distances and perspective, it seems like this will actually look shorter than Diamondback from the entrance/highway
  5. I know I think it’s so strange that their lift hills face the same direction. Weird for the skyline for sure.
  6. I still feel like it's weird that the lift hills for Orion and Diamondback will both be facing the exact same direction. That's going to look so strange on the skyline and is doing nothing to help quiet the GP's obvious 'just a bigger Diamondback' commentary. Some people have suggested they might not have wanted to make it bigger than Eiffel Tower because of how that would affect the skyline, but it doesn't seem like they're giving that much consideration.
  7. Even shorter in height and length than you all predicted! But wow great job by you decoders. Very nearly exactly right. I was hoping for some surprises- Maybe a tunnel, or, I don’t know, the second half of the ride? Lol I’m kidding but dang that’s a short ride with a lonnnnng brake run haha. In fact, I would have rather ridden the ride you guys predicted, with slightly more impressive stats and an overbank but hey it’ll probably bring in the business they want so what do they care. I feel like they could have spent less money and built a different, much cooler, more interesting ride, but I guess they felt like doing the least to technically have a giga was more marketable. This ride misses the mark in almost every way for me, but hopefully people love it so CF continues spending money here! Well done KI team on the marketing! This rollout was a lot of fun!
  8. Intamin all the way babyyyyyyy. I get that B&M is more reliable and they are generally people-eaters, but they miss the mark so consistently for me. They're just always big and smooth and nice. Even Fury - I thought it was a lot of fun, very forceful, don't get me wrong, but Millie was built 20 years ago and I rode it again last year and I still would rather ride that. El Toro is my #1. Obviously Kingda Ka and TTD are BEASTS. Their hypers are consistently nuts (with the exception of the Superman clones in DC and upstate NY - those were not their finest), and their blitzes are WILD. Thrilled to see them making a major resurgence here in the states again. Can't believe of all the parks in our chain to get an Intamin giga it wasn't us but KD! And I know people are saying hagrid is proving them unreliable again, but I'm sorry that ride is trying to run 12 trains with seven launches, a quick-switch track reverse launch up a vertical spike and a drop track. That's insane! And don't even get me started on how jealous I am that Busch Gardens is getting a triple launch, quick-switch track, reverse-spike, WITH a top hat into a river ravine. I would have killed for KI to take a risk and build something like that. But I get it! It's a business. I still think it's a strange move to build B&M hypers and gigas in the same park, especially because the GP truly don't get the differences and they just seem like newer upgraded versions of the hypers (last time I was at CW poor Intimidator was sending out empty trains just to get people off the trains that were stacked on the brake runs), but obviously they have plenty of market research to suggest this move makes sense since they've done it twice before. Ah well!
  9. Super jealous of them. Glad they’re going Intamin again because maybe that means CF will follow suit! Wish it happened before we got our giga. I hope they hit it out of the park.
  10. They need to put that drop track in the shed. Maybe that's what they're doing with the money they're saving on lil giga.
  11. It's fun! Nothing super impressive. Not very forceful. Slow, gradual launches. Great hangtime. A couple good airtime moments. Some fun laterals. Pretty short. Nice theming. Perfectly fine. Nothing like Mav. I rode it twice. Didn't need to ride it again.
  12. I'm with you. Can't say I'm surprised though. Fancy paint job would have cost more. They don't seem to be splurging on anything with this one.
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