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  1. Oh sorry @KIGhostguy and I were having a side conversation about how Adventure Express was technically considered a part of Adventure Village / AZ for a while but was never accessible from inside AV/ AZ. You're correct that King Cobra's entrance was always on the AZ side, although I think this picture may have actually been the entrance for the go-cart track. The KC entrance would have been a little farther to the right of this frame, leading up to that ramp where you can see people lined up in front of the station.
  2. You've never been able to access it from within Adventure village/Action Zone though, right? For as long as I can remember the entrance was over in oktoberfest
  3. Great blog Kyle. My second looping coaster after Vortex of course. Also reminds me how much I liked the Adventure Village them back there before Paramount. This is off-topic and I'm sure we've discussed it before, but it's so strange that they built Adventure Express, which is perfectly themed to Adventure Village and has Adventure in the title.... in Oktoberfest.
  4. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with this third-party campsite when it opens next season, but I have a hard time imagining the demand for campgrounds is so massive that this 330-site campground across the street from the park wouldn't suffice. Who knows, maybe it'll be sold out every night and KI will go out on a limb and try to compete. But the CF-era seems to be mostly about low-risk, inside-the-box investments.
  5. Did some digging and you're right somebody beat them to it. It's shame. I had really hoped KI would bring that element back and having a park-owned campsite back it in the woods along the little miami could have been an extremely cool and unique element for this park.
  6. Imagine if they really went for it with dark rides. I think they have an opportunity to set them apart from the other regional parks in ways that their coaster collection doesn't. And they have a perfect market for it. I know they're expensive to maintain, but they bring so much uniqueness and character and if around long enough, nostalgia for older guests. Coasters are great, and fun, and flashy, they don't age gracefully, in general (the almighty Beast notwithstanding). If they had one or two rides even half as elaborate as this Piraten rebuild at Europapark, I think they could eventually s
  7. Does anyone know why B&M profiles the tops of their drops like this? With the pinched apex instead of a fuller, rounder shape like MF has? I feel like the shape is part of the reason it doesn't look as steep as it is, and I haven't ridden this yet, but I've always thought Fury's drop would be more fun if you came over a bigger, more rounded crest. I'm sure there's an engineering advantage to this shape, just curious if anyone knows what that is?
  8. YES I said something similar a few pages back. Fill ‘er in! Screamin swing over the water back where Vortex’s station used to be. And eventually they could develop a ride that interacts with the water from the rivertown side if they wanted to.
  9. Diamondback was sorely needed but it was such a shame it had to come at the cost of this. I used to work in Rivertown back in those days and it really felt like you were somewhere else altogether.
  10. Great video. I don't think anyone's upset about how long the break run is. It seems like everyone gets the value of an additional block so they can cycle more trains without needing a midcourse. It's just how high they are that suggests how much momentum the trains have left, that they could have burned off with additional track length. But again, totally understandable that Cedar Fair wouldn't want to give KI the extra money for track length when the normal park-goer doesn't know or care and they'd likely get the same return with or without the longer ride (in a normal, non-covid year, that i
  11. I'm so glad to see all the theming on this thing. It seems like the ride is basically exactly what people expected. But the theming REALLY sets it apart. The entire plaza looks great. The music is fantastic. The overall vibe, especially at night, is going to make the build-up to the ride so much more exciting. I think they can cool it with the rapid-fire lighting color changes on the supports. It looks so cool when it slowly transitions between just a couple colors. The rapid candy colors makes it look cheap (same note for I-street, actually!), but I'm glad they spent the money on the lighting
  12. What if they filled in the whole Vortex plot with water. Make up for all the water that rivertown has lost over the years. And it would be pretty from the Coney Island side too. Put a flat where Vortex’s station was (s&S power swing over the water’s edge). And the water would butt up against The Beast lift hill turn-around and bring back some of the vibe from it’s original over-water construction. Eventually use the rivertown arcade or a new rivertown building next to the Larosas as the station house for a big RMC topper track woodie around the perimeter and over the water with a finale ba
  13. I picked Mystic because, while I think the big B&Ms were necessary, and great signs that CF was willing to invest in KI, they all seem to me to strip a little personality away from the park. Diamondback is a fun ride, and KI was long overdue for something with that kind of throughput and that scale, but it came at the price of the woods around Rivertown, the pond, several area-themed buildings, and it towers over Rivertown, pulling guests out of any sort of "old mining town" illusion there might have been. Though I do love that splashdown! Banshee was also a long-overdue addition, and is f
  14. I guess by that logic, what's left of Oktoberfest should maybe just get absorbed by international street then, and AZ should be themed to something with no geographical reference, since I Street already encompasses Germany. Banshee and Viking fury are already themed to European legends that are not German that's the only reason I ran away with it.
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