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  1. i have my season passes and reservation tickets linked to the app but I dont see the option to take the health screening? someone help please
  2. honestly, Ive been waiting so long for a KI giga, and then watching construction everyday, and then having the opening date pushed back, at this point waiting in line for a few hours is nothing to me
  3. if you wanted to defog your glasses for a minute then why wouldnt you ...take the glasses off...??? been wearing glasses my whole life, i wouldnt take my mask off to defog them
  4. I dont think its necessary to paint black burn marks, the meteor speaks for itself
  5. Im always a supporter of more theming but the burn marks on FoF exterior dont look great... other than that, everything looks amazing!
  6. Kings Island is such a beautiful park, and this only adds to it, hopefully one day Vortex spot will be filled and junk lot coaster will be gone and the park will be PERFECT
  7. amazing how close the two are, I can only imagine how difficult it was to build roller coasters before simulation software
  8. It is, this was confirmed a while ago
  9. thank you, this makes a lot more sense
  10. Ive looked at several pictures of orions station, and Im still a bit confused on the layout, will we be onboarding from the east or west side? if so, do we enter the effects shed before or after the ride? because it appears the entry way goes through the picture booth but that obviously wouldnt make any sense. As for the lack of trees in that area, I think once benches and tables are put in for the eating area, it will feel less empty
  11. IDK man that picture doesn't really look like it got repainted...
  12. I just need to ride this darn roller coaster already, I think about it everyday. I cant keep looking at pictures for another month.
  13. The Beast is such a classic coaster, with a familiar shake and rattle that I dont ever want to see RMC'd. That said, the layout for The Beast would be absolutely perfect for the RMC treatment, the amount of bunny hills they could construct with that foundation would be insane. id rather see them build a ground up, preferably in the space where Vortex is.
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