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  1. six flags is a terribly managed company, I dont even think they wouldve had the capital to justify purchasing Cedar Fair, probably requiring additional outside investment. I agree Cedar Fair has shown it cares about Kings Island (winterfest, antique cars, renaming The Bat) but surely they know how important that station house is.
  2. I agree its important to look towards the future, but history is important too, and if they continue to just demolish the past then would it still be the same park?
  3. ENHANCE *zooms in* I was really hoping for some surprises with this coaster like maybe a lit up tunnel, or some section to be partially undergound, maybe install some water feature around the first drop, just any surprise that wasnt shown in the promo footage wouldve been pretty cool
  4. I meant moving the loop to the entrance of the park
  5. it would be real nice of them to keep one of the loops and have it turned into a memorial piece at the front of the park or something. a piece of KI history as well as a way to spruce up the entrance
  6. I saw that video too, and The Beast is one of the best classic coasters in the world, and for that reason, I dont think it can be held to the same standards of other newer coasters, but for a coaster as old as The Beast, it still gives a great ride. If GCI ever retracked it, they could probably add significantly more speed to it.
  7. that land is so perfect though for so many different types of coasters. Im excited to see whatever goes in, although I know it will take a few years. but honestly id rather see them remove BLSC and replace it with something else before seeing Vortex get removed.
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