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  1. Thanks I cant Wait it should be fun I dobt that many people will bee there or at least less than normal Hopefully. I can't wait anyone ever been to one of these before?
  2. Im Hopefully Going to have tickets for Dry Run day, Is it Crowded? Employes Ought to Know me and a Friend were planning on going. Anything Would Help.
  3. The ride is Sweet but my way of riding is cooler but ohhh maybe a little dangrous but there is no chance of falling out. First you get in and sit like the side is the back of the chair. Have one leg in the restraint and the other on the seat kind of like indian style. So when you go up you are facing the ground it is the coolest makes the ride much better.
  4. My favirote area is coney mall with the eagles, Vortex and Flight of Fear, Can't forget the arcade.
  5. If you went on the tour Jeff gave out alot of hints if you listned hard. First thing he said that PKI is going to focus on the family experence by in the future making PKI the place for family's to go on vacation in the mid-west. He stated that PKI was going to step up it Live shows and possibly bring back Winterfest. Next he hinted by saying that they have worked on Action Zone, Rivertown, Nick Central, and now boomerang bay. Then He said put it together and figure out where future expanson is going to go. Then Someone Asked isn't there a problem with land and no access to back areas of the park. Jeff replied As of now no but we have massive amounts of land and access can be fixed. What is in store for Coney Mall and Octoberfest wait and find out. As for 2004 He hinted that one day you might just sit on TR:TR and everything could be diffrent. Also stated there PKI was looking into improving theming and bringing back old theming like under Top Gun. I can't wait for the next couple of years.
  6. You got my name wrong Oh well I don't Care. It was a great day except for the crowds. We got there around 10:15 again so we went and rode Eagles three times (short line) and had some massive snapping. Then we rode Shake, Rattle and Roll and headed to the tower at 10:45 and met everyone.
  7. 1. Dan 2. Dane 3. Fusiondude 4. BoddaH1994 5. PKILvr 6. Italianchef 7. Jimmy Jam 8. Captain Picard 9. Chris Pki Fan
  8. Same Time? Same Place? I hope to go this time and not be 15min late.
  9. A friend told me that Kings Island was building a new coaster in 05. This Coaster is going to be made by intamin the same company that made MF and TTD. The Plans for The ride is to go behind SOB and be The Tallest and Fastest rollercoaster in the world. My friend dad knows a guy that worked on the steel for TTD. I hope this is true.
  10. That Sled slide was cool thenthey took it out and closed the place.
  11. I grow up on potato works my mom loved thier fries. I like the popcorn chicken and the fries, And its near The Beast and TR;TR.
  12. Me and my friends scream before the train even leaves the station. Everonr looks at us like we are stupid and that is the whole point. A ride is not fun without a good scream.
  13. I rode it again Saturday and it was the same, except for the breakdown part and we rocked back in forth for 2-3 min and only the emergency lights where on during that time.
  14. Yea the park should have austallian food, but they would proably just serve regular food with changed names Like Ausie fries for french fries and Buffalo burger but it would be a regular hamburger and things of that nature.
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