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  1. I posted the info I had in the wrong post. I had info on Sea World, not Busch Gardens. haha
  2. The name is Mako, it looks very similar to Diamondbacks layout. Source: https://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview?fref=ts
  3. For the record Pepsi is, and always will be, better.
  4. I will be heading up for my annual Cedar Point trip this weekend (tomorrow specifically). I am really excited about it but also very worried about how busy it will be due to the holiday weekend. Trip report to follow soon.
  5. Counting his nickles and dimes......I think i'm in the wrong decade.
  6. I am still one of those people that does not care for Harry Potter and I love Universal. There are many other things to appease any interest.
  7. The thing I LOVE about Universal more than anything is the price for what you get. You may argue that compared to Disney, the magic (quite literally) isn't there, and I would probably agree with you. However, to say Universal doesn't have a magic all its own would be, putting it bluntly, wrong. It's becoming a power house of magic, all its own.
  8. Maybe it knew the weather forecast today.
  9. I have never been so excited for an install in my entire life. Shut up and take my money.
  10. 14 times, wow. I cant even describe the jealousy I am feeling right now.
  11. Best sounding lift - The Bat. I love that clunky clicking sound. Best launch sound - Flight of Fear, no question. Best sounding ride - The Beast, I love hearing the sound, of the cry and screech, through the woods as it runs with the land.
  12. I recommend hitting up Cherokee Grill in downtown Gatlinburg. The food is excellent.
  13. If only they had some sort of 5k inside the park. "I experienced The Runs at Kentucky Kingdom" could have a double meaning. Double the t-shirt sales.
  14. I love angry pretzels, but as a logo......not so much.
  15. If it is confirmed to be a "shark" themed roller coaster I could see them using red. Amp up the intensity of a "shark" with blood like color.
  16. I was at the park last Saturday. Was not able to get a ride in yet, has anyone else? Curious to see how good the "whipping" affect is on our shiny new flyers.
  17. You have to have flavor in parks. Riding roller coaster, after roller coaster, after roller coaster, may be great for you, but some of us enjoy a break where we can go inside sit down and relax in an inviting setting, that is also packed together with a ride experience. You cant put a price on that with the family.
  18. I went to college in Minnesota and have been to the Mall of America many times. I would say for your kids age the park inside the Mall of America will be perfect for them. You have 4 stories of stores to explore, and a Lego store made entirely out of Lego's which is something you do not want to miss. I highly recommend it. They built a TMNT ride there a few years back which, being a turtle maniac, I was very upset was not built when I was going to college. The log flume ride is a blast and ranks as one of my favorites.
  19. Hats. Hats, flying. Hats, flying in the wind, Hats, props......I think I'm lost. Some may call this a diversion, and to that I give you thee tip of the hat. Did I just make sense, or did I?
  20. I mean I'd ride it lol
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