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  1. Not to worry, it's going to be hot tonight!! I wouldn't even bother bringing it to be honest, and this coming from someone who's usually cold most of the time!
  2. ^^Sweet, so you're going tonight, Flyer? If so, definitely notate the trimmage situation for sure! Also, try to post the TR as soon as possible if you can...the weather right now is so warm that tonight really would've been a great night to go!!
  3. ^^However, I do think it's possible the delay with the event might hurt attendance some. That said, 2.5+ hours of ERT is heavenly!! Even with 1,000 people there, 4 rides should at least be happening!
  4. Yeah, I figured 3 trains is very likely, but you never know and nothing is guaranteed.
  5. I sadly will not be there tonight but will tomorrow! So anyway, for those going to KI tonight and riding D-back, I'm just curious to know how and if operations have changed at all since last Saturday? In particular I'm curious about whether the SRL is used, and if so, are they still using the cards and does it seem like the number of SR cards is more than last weekend and if there's any consistency about waiting for SR cards if none are immediately available? I'm also curious as to if they're still assigning seats, and how strict they are about requesting a row if you're waiting in the
  6. Yes you sure can, as long as you are above 44" and under 76" I believe Little Bills is the only coaster with the must ride with child specification. Heh...I think I'm short enough. I guess if the line's ever short enough I might give this a whirl. I've always thought if I was a kid it'd look like a fun coaster! That said, I'm certainly not expecting ANY thrills whatsoever.
  7. Speaking of which, I know I've ridden Avatar before, but is it true I could ride that kids suspended coaster even though I'm an adult??
  8. Really great TR!! Although, it will be even better when I can actually see the pictures, which are currently firewalled by my work But the best thing about this summer is hopefully going to KI with my fam and friends who haven't been in a few years...I'm going with my younger sister at the end of May and I hope we get along as well as you did! We went to CP in 07 and had an awesome time, but being there for her first D-back ride will be priceless along with everyone else I go with this year!
  9. ^^Hell, it coud be!! But if so, Carowinds and 'Lil Kinzel got the shaft! But honestly, KD has enough already, IMO...
  10. ^^I have to admit...here I am debating about whether or not to go to KI *both* this Sat and Sun or just Sat, and here's some chap saying he can't visit until June?! Wowza!! I mean, worst case scenario in just 3 days I'll be getting my D-back'ing on!!
  11. So is it weird when I hear people say this stuff I just don't say anything and carry on with what I'm doing, because trying to correct someone or set someone straight who doesn't know seems like an exercise in futility to me!?
  12. ^^Babysitter alert!!...I'm just 'kid'ing with you! (d@mn, starting to sound like Terpy now! )
  13. It's certainly up to the spelling, I think....
  14. Hasn't this been the case for a while, and neither are ever coming back!?
  15. Hey Tom, when are you going to update your avatar now?? And btw, you definitely look different in person than in that ghastly SOB pic!
  16. ^^Well, D-back's closest restrooms have the Dyson's, which work awesome, but are fairly narrow...I mean, one wrong move and your hands are practically dirty again!
  17. ^^Hmmmm....seems like you've still missed a few things to me!! Actally, though, you have! The Dyson hand dryers! I think it would be cool for KI to get a haystacker by WWC as well...Terpy could then dry off from that elephant!
  18. Hey Rex, sorry to hear about all the travel obstacles and I hope both you and Beast make it back to KI again real, real soon especially since Diamondback is so unbelievable!! All of that said, very ironic how my brother and his g/f were on vacation in Denver and originally flying back to Indianapolis on Saturday morning, but changed their flight to Friday evening, and after a 2 and a half hour delay made it back (I guess my bro said there was a long line for plane de-icing that rivaled D-back's Gold Pass line Saturday morning!!) But I guess my question is, was taking any other flight an op
  19. Ahhh...but aren't they replacing all the restraints one-by-one? I actually thought Invertigo was really starting to look bad myself, and this from someone who still thought it was ok last year, but it's becoming undeniable now...
  20. Wow...2nd hill is getting a lot of love and that's not even in my Top 5 for D-back!?
  21. Doesn't Jackson have a pic of one of these people in his PTR??
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