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  1. On all the rides where you might have problems, yes. As with fitting on DB, that depends, MF, and TTD have smaller waist size requirements due to their belts, and on Raptor and WT its the chest size that will cause you problems.
  2. Unless B&M changed their designs they should be the same (2 clicks.) To my knowledge they have stayed the same since Apollo's Chariot and Raging Bull.
  3. DINING PLAN DISNEY TRIP = DIET DEATH! Been there, done that WAY too many times! I swear I gained 15 pounds on my last Dining Disney Trip! RD Last time I went I actually stayed even. Im a Disney Commando and also the designated Fastpass runner (ie I get sent across the MK to get the Space Mt Fastpass in between riding BTMRR and the Haunted Mansion.) So we will see, I cant wait for the trip.
  4. Speaking from experience, DBack's seats are more forgiving then MF or TTD so if you plan on going to CP in a month I suggest working on that diet. Ive gained some weight from last year, and I essentially wore the same thing to opening day as I did to the haunt. I needed a little help from the ride ops both times so I hopefully gained in areas that will not affect my ability to ride any rides at CP. However, a Dining Plan Disney trip occurs between now and then so we will see.
  5. Way too Much TV is surprisingly quite humorous. Be sure to be looking at the bar during the Flipper section, what you will see caused me to openly laugh.
  6. Im a back seat person, but if Im presented with a line for the front seat wait that is as long as other rows of most coasters (some I only sit in the back) Ill go there (which rarely happens, the day has to be pretty dead.) That said there are some select coasters that Im willing to wait longer for the front row on occasion: -Alpengeist -Montu -The Beast -Millennium Force -Top Thrill Dragster -The Voyage -Dueling Dragons
  7. Ill be leaving WDW the day you are arriving. My suggestions: -Look into a Disney Guide Book, I personally like the Unofficial Guide because they have Tour Plans that you as a Disney novice will be quite helpful in helping you plan your day. -Do not miss any of the park's night shows (Wishes and Spectromagic at the MK, Illuminations at Epcot, Fantasmic! at DHS) some of them (Spectro, Fantasmic!) do not happen every day, plan your days so that you see them at least once. My family's rule is that we never have a night on the property where we do not see one of them. -Stay on property, it truely makes the vacation feel special, it feels like you leave the "real world." Also a park is open for ERT (or as Disney calls it EMH, extra magic hours) one hour in the morning and three hours at night every day. -You are there during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, be sure to check that out -Just to give you an idea, here is our schedule: -Day 1: Arrival day, check in and spend the afternoon/evening at DHS which is showing Fantasmic that night. -Day 2: Blizzard Beach in the morning/Magic Kingdom in the afternoon-evening (Spectro is running that night, Evening EMH) -Day 3: Animal Kingdom in the morning (EMH,) Typhoon Lagoon in the afternoon, and the Magic Kingdom in the evening (we will likely simply see Spectro and Wishes and not even ride any ride as we have a reservation at Ohana before this) -Day 4: Epcot all day (morning EMH) -Day 5: DHS all day (Fantasmic showing) -Day 6: Magic Kingdom all day(morning EMH, Spectro showing) -Day 7: Epcot all day (evening EMH)
  8. You do realize that this one does not actually cause you to go upside down right? Think of this loop as Mantis' inclined loop. Also, Noah's Ark has an excellent safety record, I highly doubt they would put this in if it was not deemed safe.
  9. Drop Zone, Mt. Olympus is not getting the looping waterslide, Noah's Ark is. Which is good, because Noah's is a better park in general anyways (and has much more slides and a larger waterpark) then Mt. Olympus.
  10. and here I go and delete one thinking I had six (hiding head in shame) -Wishes Although if we were to expand it to night shows with fireworks Fantasmic would be #5.
  11. I dont know about best, but it beats the pants off of CP's nightly show. Top 5 firework shows Ive ever seen: -Boston's 4th of July Firework show -Magic Kingdom's 4th of July show -1995 Green Bay 4th of July show (@ Lambeau Field) -Illuminations
  12. There is only one ride that made me feel horrible (not sick just close to passing out) and that was for some reason a Pirate ship back when I was 7. Since then havent ridden another of its type. I can and have gotten on "spin and pukes" and every manor of coasters after a huge meal and nothing has phased me. No ride has made me want to throw up yet. The only thing Ive had comperable was that Pirate ride experience and the near black outs Ive gotten after multiple rides on one coaster (without getting off) before I realized the value of drinking lots of water when at a park, especially on a hot day. I can also read in a car, but dont expect me to sleep in one or a plane for that matter. I have to be really tired to do that.
  13. I highly doubt the shows will stop, because without the shows Sea World is at the very best a half day park.
  14. Thanks to my 4 years of living near CP, I can now say that the ride Ive ridden the most is defiantly the one and only Magnum XL 200. Ive visited the park at least once every year since 1999 and ridden that ride multiple, mulitple times a visit. Sometime in the past 4 years it passed Canobie Lake's Yankee Cannonball (my first coaster at age 2 and my favorite coaster at my home park for 8 years.) Other rides lurking up near the top of my list are MF, BBW, and Lockness Monster.
  15. Deal is in place to allow Busch Gardens to still be in the name, as will the "Salute to Heroes" promotion. Only the horses are picking up and leaving town.
  16. If I had known Flight Deck was open I so would have ridden it, grr.
  17. That would be because has an incredible amount of moving parts and sensors running the thing. I expect it to go down, just like I expect TTD to at at least one point every day it operates.
  18. I was in the handicapped station (in the train that had lowered and moved slightly) in the last row closest to the exit side.
  19. First Night of the Haunt I did (in order) : -Massacre Manor (walk in) -Urgent Scare (lone trip) -CarnEvil (15 min wait) -Attempted Tombstone Terror-itory (Train break down wasted 15 min) -Trail of Terror (30 min wait) -Cut Throat Cove (2 min wait) -Slaughterhouse (10 min wait) -Cornstalkers (3 min wait) -Invertigo (walk on to car 1) -Drop Zone (walk on) -Adventure Express (walk on to front car) -Blue Racer x2 (marathon and once all by myself) -Attempted Firehawk (broke down in station wasted 10 min) -Tombstone Terror-itory (10 min wait) -Diamondback x3 (never had to get off the train) -Beast x2 (marathon but halted 1/2 hour too short by pouring rain.) Last ride was a doozie couldnt see except in the tunnels -Massacre Manor (solo trip) -Club Blood (solo trip) -Slaughterhouse (solo trip) As you can see you can do every haunt (I just had been disappointed by Cemetrary Drive too many times to do that again) and still ride plenty of rides.
  20. Trail of Terror (how in the world did you miss that one?) Slaughterhouse Tombstone Terror-itory Also, I personally really enjoyed Ghouls Gone Wild. Great singers, soundtrack and effects, but with your limited time on Friday it might not be worth it.
  21. If you go at 8 you will have only missed two hours, and the halloween stuff all opens at 8 on Friday. Its well worth the $30 to go for 4 hours, you should get plenty of riding in. Also, go to Meijer on your way there to pick up a discount ticket for Saturday (no discounts on Starlight passes.) Without a PP, do TTD first and then continue from there, bite the bullet on the Maverick wait (assuming you dont go on Friday) when you get back to Frontiertown. A full queue is at the most 1 hour 45 min.
  22. But Karen Racer, Firehawk, Adventure Express and Diamondback in the fog are at their best. Also, I just cant go to KI and not get a ride on The Beast . Infact, I got two on The Beast that night, the last of which was the final train out for the night because the sky opened up into a deluge and we got released from the station (I heard the phone ring to shut down the ride as we left) which was awesome. Then because of the rain everyone left, which allowed me to get trips through Massacre Manor, Slaughterhouse, and Club Blood with no one else in my group (got this at Urgent Scare earlier too) which was just fantastic. As a big guy, Im usually not monster prey but since I was the only one they all went after me which was fantastic.
  23. My first and biggest suggestion is to get there as early as you can on Friday, the park is rather dead on Friday nights. I went this Friday and my longest wait was 15 min for Happy Jack Toy Factory. As for the Saturday suggestions, I assume you have a PP, which means you get in at 11 for ERT on Maverick, MF, Raptor, Iron Dragon and Planet Snoopy. Do Maverick first, then MF, then line up for TTD so that you ride that right after the opening at 12. From there, ride Power Tower, and then start working your way back towards Frontiertown hitting the coasters and flats you want on your way there (Magnum, Gemini, Witches Wheel, Tilt a Whirl, etc) and then do the Frontiertown rides. From there then start working your way back to the front, Raptor will have its shortest waits in the afternoon/early evening. Houses open at 5 pm, get in line for Happy Jack's no later then 4:45, then proceed directly to Eerie Estates and do that haunt. The others (if you cant get them done on Friday) are not worth a long wait in my opinion and you should get the two good houses done in under an hour by doing them at opening. Outdoor Zones open at 8, and the only one that has a line is Cornstalkers, which is by the way 10X better here then at KI. You want to do this maze, but it gets massive lines. Line up by 7:30, and you might want to line up around 7:15. All the rest of the zones are free flow, just be sure to hit Fright Zone and Terror Island at least once, and the other two are fun as well. Get a night ride on MF after 8, the fog from the Fright Zone and Terror Island really add to the experience. Also, they turn off all of MF's lights in October save for the first hill.
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