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  1. Also for clarification... I don't think their were guns. -EDIT- (well I am hearing reports that the guns were in the parking lot in the cars.... some guests heard shots. That's uncalled for. More information from people:
  2. I've seen some videos of the fights yesterday up at Kings Island. What a shame a people act that way. Hopefully, this is a one time thing and KI beefs up security. I never thought our 'home' park would have individuals acting a fool like that.- -EDIT- We are not talking about a small fight... we are talking about large groups of people swinging punches.
  3. I think that would be a nice enhancement, maybe only allowing the FL/FLP users 1 ride per hour. That way they would have to ride some other attractions instead of spamming just one.
  4. I was there on Saturday and waited 3 hours in the Stand-by line for Orion. 2:35 pm -5:35 pm. I did not have a problem with it 'per se', as I knew it would be long, but I was quite disappointed when I saw the way they were handling loading the trains. The ride ops would fill a train with FL patrons, then the next train would be all Stand-by riders. No wonder it took so long. That is not the way to do it. It should be a handful (4-8) FL riders per train, then the rest stand-by riders. Doing it this way makes the wait times unbearable. I was shocked at the amount of patrons in the FL line
  5. Many fond memories of this ride. What a great post! Probably my fondest memory was standing there watching the trains go through the helix the first year it was opened. Watching those trains zip through that feature over the pond (it was removed at some point) sounded so powerful. There was even a geyser of water that would spray up as it raced through the turn. I was only 7 at the time and could not ride. However, to see people riding a coaster standing up was crazy to see with my young eyes. It was groundbreaking at that time. I finally was able to ride a few years later and
  6. I have always loved whitewater raft rides. Ever since I first rode Congo River Rapids down in Tampa I was hooked. Needless to say, when I found out my home park was getting one I was ecstatic. I remember riding the train and seeing the construction progress back in 1984 when it was being built. I could not wait. To this day, I still love getting cooled off with a splash. I was wondering 2 things. Hopefully someone on here could shed some light. The first question i have is what happened to the first employee controlled 'snake' hose that used to greet guests around the first bend
  7. I went to Busch Gardens about 2 weeks ago down in Tampa. The way they were operating the coasters was every other row, and only 'your' party could be seated next to one another. Montu, which seats about the same number of people as Orion (32), typically only had 7 to 14 people on each train. It was painfully slow. A ride which normally had a wait time of 15-20 minutes was an hour and a half. It was not a good experience, however, they were still trying to work the kinks out i bet since it was only the second day they had been open since the closing. We only rode 5 rides in 8 hours. Just
  8. It's funny you say that cause a lot of home haunters do nominate thier yard haunts. Some of them are really good too!
  9. The truth to the Top Haunts award is soley if it is nominated on the Haunt World Message Board. There really is not a process for evaluation. I work in the haunt industry and basically the owner of Hauntworld just picks the houses/attractions he wants to be on the list. There is no 'formal' rating of any kind. The title just goes to whatever attractions are nominated in Spring. It is nice to be on the list, but it is more of a marketing strategy for Hauntworld to get more publicity. I did not even put our attraction in the running and suprise, suprise, we were not in the list. I just do
  10. I wonder if that is the show I remember from that era. I vividly remember puppets mimicking pop tunes at the time... i.e. Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. The puppet actually would moonwalkk and donned the silver glove that Michael would wear. It was prett entertaining... then again I was 7 or 8. :-)
  11. I remember taking 'The Plunge' at Waterworks, and watching the puppets in the Enchanted Tree. Remember the rainbow entrance to Hanna-Barbera land?
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