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  1. Did he always know what was in the shed!? :-)
  2. Pretty sure that is the marker for Hole 1 for the new 'haunted' mini golf course that is going to be underneath Banshee!
  3. Just a little FYI regarding the 'snake' water soaker. It was around the first big bend right after the first 2 rapids. The first couple years it was automatic and just left on. Then through the 90's there was a worker in the tower turning it on and off. I miss it!
  4. I guess it's a shame that some bad apples are ruining it for everyone. I know KI Security is better than last year, but You may be on to something about the chaperone policy. If it can fend off the riff raff I am all for it.
  5. First off, I must stress that I know staffing issues are plaguing all businesses currently, but I have to post this. My time at Soak City yesterday was awful. When I fist arrived I was looking for chair to place my belongings. i realize at 3PM on a Saturday was going to be rough, but i was patient. Evidently, that is not how other people think. I saw to gentleman about to 'throw down' over a beach chair. I don't know who was in the wrong, but they were both yelling at each other and not backing down. I started looking around for security, i could not find any. I noticed a staffer emptying trash and thought if he had a radio he could inform someone... he did have a radio. I went over to the drink station and mentioned it to a worker who informed his supervisor. I explained to the supervisor what was going on and I took her to where the incident was taking place and de-escalated the situation. Issue solved. What bothered me, is that there were so many people just staring and looking around and not taking action. I personally want everything to be civil and solved peacefully with no violence... I guess everyone else were afraid to intervene. i personally did not get involved, but went and got a staffer to take care of it. Next incident of the afternoon was a staffer working the drink station just leaving and walking away while we were all in line. I thought he was coming back, but he didn't. What I did not predict is that everyone just took it upon themselves to just start grabbing cups and getting drinks. I'm too honest, and was not going to partake if they could not scan my pass to see my dink plan. Again, after a few minutes and watching people just go behind the counter and starting taking the souvenir drink bottles I went to find someone. I found some lifeguards and notified them what was going on and they said they would let someone know. In the meantime, it floored me that people were being so inconsiderate and continued to get drinks from the booth with no attendant. IT just floors me people feel they are so 'entitled'. A worker came by, and stopped what was going on and closed the station. When she left about 2 minutes later, a customer went over untied the rope and started stealing drinks again. What is wrong with people. I was just floored by the way the people in the park were acting yesterday and I told my wife we are not coming back to Soak City, but instead just stick to the main park. I guess I am just really scared that are park is going to go the way of some of the other parks in the USA. I am not blaming KI, they have to work with what is given to them, but if stuff like this is happening all the time it worries me. Just last night Knott's had to close early due to violence and people acting a fool. Is it a sign of the times that everyone thinks the rules don't abide to them and they can do whatever they want? Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I see that in my future visit to KI... stopping by Guest Relations!
  7. Well just noticed this was posted by KI Central... so I am late to the party.
  8. Did anyone else have an issue using their meal/drink plan Friday? I purchased the soft cup year drink plan at the kiosk at the Front Gate, and when I went to use it a few hours later they said it was not on my pass. My friend also had this issue. I still don't have the plan showing on my pass. Anyone else have this issue? I emailed Kings Island through the website because the line to Guest Services was so long when I left. Still no response from KI, probably because they got hammered with requests.
  9. I don't mean like a techno or club. I just think it would be cool seeing different colors cycling under the water on the drop. Or even just a throw back look to how it used to be back in the 70's and 80's.
  10. WOW! That video has the lights displayed on the flume. It would be great for them to update to LED floods and do some neat effects with different colors using DMX. It just looked real neat back in the day.
  11. Just wondering if anyone remembers the colored lights the flume used to have on the drop? I remember back in the 80's it was real neat to walk by at night and see the different colors glowing underneath the falling water of the hill. Anyone have any old pics of this? It would be cool if KI brought this back for the 50th.
  12. Also for clarification... I don't think their were guns. -EDIT- (well I am hearing reports that the guns were in the parking lot in the cars.... some guests heard shots. That's uncalled for. More information from people:
  13. I've seen some videos of the fights yesterday up at Kings Island. What a shame a people act that way. Hopefully, this is a one time thing and KI beefs up security. I never thought our 'home' park would have individuals acting a fool like that.- -EDIT- We are not talking about a small fight... we are talking about large groups of people swinging punches.
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