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  1. black sabbath, def leopard, acdc although i know itll never happen
  2. If you really want special, why not buy platinum to get you into other parks or the vip experience so you can go behind the scenes and have a personal guide for the day?
  3. While not unique to food offerings in the park, is unique to Ohio and that would be quepies (sp?)
  4. id like to see a coaster with a triple down off of the lift hill where each plateau section has a slight bump up creating a cliff element. the next element i would like to see i don't know the name of it but diamond back has one where the on ride photo section is that resembles a coiled up snake. next would be a parabolic hill into a banked turnaround then another parabolic hill. then a banked curve to start heading back to the station. on the way it serpentine banks in and out of the first lift hill and maneuvers up to fly through the station. then it helix's down into a break run leading into the station. overall its a fairly simple coaster but is loaded with elements i like and think are neat. when i first had this idea was after riding voyage but not wanting it so ruff. the layout is pretty much an "L" shape. and i was blown away at the fact that a coaster could fly through the station like thunderhead.
  5. how bout some local exotic foods like Indian, actual Mexican, authentic Chinese to replace panda, subway and bigot bird.
  6. BD's Mongolian Grill maybe (i say maybe cause of all the spices)
  7. if im not mistaken, those costumes came from the likes of adam and eve & leg avenue
  8. yes, there always hiring for something. i have seen people get hired in october with 3-or-4 weekends left of the season.
  9. yes as long as it gets approved by the higher ups of whatever division you work. i know several who fall into this category. including myself at one point; until i retired this past season from haunt. yes, it can be stressful at times but still a "FUN" job to do.
  10. new hires come in, do a little song & dance per say & get placed based on how they done, returners have a little more lead-way on where they "would like" to go but no guarantees.
  11. yes... ...no... ...its complicated...
  12. Honestly, it will be in my mind in a way similar to this little tune. If it were still 09, when I met a small group of absolutely fantastic people, then yes Id miss it terribly. Today, as those Friendships/associations have evolved or dissolved...it has become more "A park that I used to know". i know what ya mean.
  13. i hear the deep fried pickles from reds hofg are pretty good.
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