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  1. yes, there always hiring for something. i have seen people get hired in october with 3-or-4 weekends left of the season.
  2. yes as long as it gets approved by the higher ups of whatever division you work. i know several who fall into this category. including myself at one point; until i retired this past season from haunt. yes, it can be stressful at times but still a "FUN" job to do.
  3. new hires come in, do a little song & dance per say & get placed based on how they done, returners have a little more lead-way on where they "would like" to go but no guarantees.
  4. yes... ...no... ...its complicated...
  5. Honestly, it will be in my mind in a way similar to this little tune. If it were still 09, when I met a small group of absolutely fantastic people, then yes Id miss it terribly. Today, as those Friendships/associations have evolved or dissolved...it has become more "A park that I used to know". i know what ya mean.
  6. i hear the deep fried pickles from reds hofg are pretty good.
  7. The OP did ask for which manufacture i'd prefer and reasons/opinions why. So here something i gotta ask you, You Mad Bro? Nah couldnt care less. Just like pointing out when people confuse facts with opinions. Carry on wayward son, carry on... but could you care more, some, or not at all?
  8. i recall the exact day those were installed as i was on my way to my morning shift. it was like "Oooo, shine-y..."
  9. Banshee, The Bat, chicken shack... ...flights of fancy I say.
  10. That was a spring preview the sign out front said "coming soon to a season near you."
  11. THANK YOU!!! i have been so busy this season that i havent had the time to make it out there this year.
  12. the diversion was the best part. also kudo's on the VTR; those dont happen often. i loved how you rolled with it.
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