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  1. i third the motion of good luck
  2. ive wanted to go ever since i heard about the drag queen who rode a coaster and caught her fake teet that had came loose.
  3. i'll eventually make it to that night one of these years. it makes me happy to know that you had a wonderful pride night. when is next years so i can at least try and plan to go?
  4. so let me get this straight, they had a beloved dark ride that they got arid of to only 5 years later bring it back as a coaster??? just from the video, its giving me the italian job stunt track/Backlot Stunt Coaster vibes.
  5. nothing upsets me more than when you go to something that's billed with animatronics and static props only to see a plywood cutout that may/mayn't be well painted but its appearance is just flat on an actuators to make it pop out from where its hiding. and im also not a fan of shooters cause i feel that takes away from the experience. what if something with significance is supposed to pop out and it doesn't cause you missed the target.
  6. returners usually get a say on where unless you wait till the last dogs dead and then they put ya where they need ya.
  7. sounds like someone has a case of the mondays. the way i see things is if xmas can overtake halloween, then halloween can overtake 4th of july. this coming from someone whos a cross between a grinch and a snow miser with a dash of scrooge.
  8. I heard the biggest complaint when the one that did get built for six flags would run was loud noise.
  9. shows how much im out of the loop. last i remember, we had chef Nathan; & chef major had stepped into the ring... ...but that was 2017ish i believe
  10. 7 dawrves i smell...where be the white as snow?
  11. you have a point, but just saying that the ride theme wise would fit better over there than its current location. sure, once upon a time that wasnt true as amazon falls fit in with the safari theme of the area and then the later rename to congo falls cause of paramount. but lets face it, does a river drop ride really fit in with the Action Zone theme?
  12. maybe transfering congo falls over to rivertown where the big brown box is, retheme it to like a giant waterfall. and that opens Action Zone for a potential new flat ride.
  13. come discover the FASCINATION with Atlantic city... ...oops, thats already taken...
  14. just please, no plywood cut-outs...
  15. sorry for the double post. but maybe something like this instead:
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