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  1. I would suggest to never buy Fast Lane online before actually seeing the crowds in person whether at the beginning of the day or during the day. You could buy online and truly not need it. The weather could keep the crowds away, however, if it's warm enough I'd say there is a chance it'll still be busy.
  2. ^^ Cedar Fair may have gotten a discount on that color....with Valravn/Yukon Striker/Copperhead Strike! How about tye-dye TBH a yellow, green or even purple track would be great IMO.
  3. Some parks do this already...however, when you have parks like Cedar Point and Kings Island with ERT rides on different ends of the park it is kind of hard to do such a thing, especially with many different routes to those rides.
  4. I am sooooo sorry! I swore we were talking about the ones at Cedar Point!! My bad...you are correct
  5. I hope they have used all of the red paint they got on sale with Dick Kinzel as the head of Cedar Fair
  6. You enter the station for those cars in Frontier Town by crossing over the tracks on the stair case and exit the station on the opposite side of which you enter. The cars at the front of the park, you enter and exit from the same side of the station. You have a ride associate drive your vehicle from the stop sign to where they need it to go before exiting out of the station.
  7. Where Modern Thrills and Nostalgia Come Together!
  8. As of right now, I think it will be used as a Haunt maze as long as Haunt remains popular.
  9. I would love this, but it won't be a part of the park entertainment this year.
  10. The Cadillac Cars at Cedar Point near the front of the park have you enter and exit from the same side of the station.
  11. Kind of like the OTSR's on Top Thrill Dragster since it's got that steep drop after cresting the top of the ride?
  12. Chill out a bit? Excuse me for asking a question and you taking it as I’m attacking you. My bad, sorry I hurt your feelings for questioning how something could be leaked if it is available to the public. Please.
  13. How were they leaked if they were readily available to the public?
  14. It is public record. Let me clarify, I don't know if there is in-fact plans actually at the Building and Zoning department in Warren County.
  15. Files may be available for viewing..they may not..
  16. They are roughly 200 miles away....in the same state and owned by the same company.....the same company isn't necessarily going to put the same or close to the same ride product in our park as the Flagship park within a short amount of time frame since they were installed at their flagship park. Kings Island isn't owned by Six Flags....their goal is not to make both Ohio parks the same....it's not a good business model....different markets call for different things. Even outside of Cedar Point....Holiday World is the closest park with a Wing Rider...which is "the only launched wing coaster
  17. That is not true at all...many have given reasons including things such as proximity to other like coasters, the similarities to what we already have, etc.
  18. Yeah, look through this thread....many have given all the reasons of why we think those options wouldn't work.
  19. It means that when it was filed, work will soon be starting for the 2018/2019/2020 projects. A NOC being filed means that "hey we're going to start work pending your approval of said project(s)."
  20. Last year, I started a thread for the 2018 Season for bucket list items to do a the park....I've added the list to this post for an example and will post a bucket list for 2019 a little bit later today. Feel free to post your 2019 Bucket List. Update as you complete things and/or add more if you find something else you want to do. Here was my 2018 Bucket List in no particular order: Night Ride on Firehawk Ride The Bat at night (I've ridden at dusk, but I've not done a true night ride) Ride Congo Falls Ride Race For Your Life Charlie Brown Ride White
  21. So I recently stopped at the GWL arcade to play, actually last weekend after we hung out , but they only have Wizard Of Oz coin pushers. Thinking more onto it, I've come to favor the Willie Wonka ones a bit more...I have noticed the plain field for the coins to be pushed off is a little bit smaller than WoZ, which I feel they have an easier chance to be pushed off (whether or not that's true), which would include the cards. I've completed more sets of cards with Willie Wonka than I ever have with WoZ, but I feel that WoZ gives better bonuses. I've never really been a big fan of the cranes,
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