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  1. Anyone else notice that Kings Island's Spokesperson Don Helbig made the announcement?
  2. s= When both sides of The Racer are operating, both sides are open to the public 99.5% of the time. The former Red Racer line is now no longer in use, but you can still ride either side. I doubt the park would close a side of Racer only for the use of Fast Lane* customers.
  3. ****terban? But I really don't see how they came up with this list.
  4. I think their bringing a whole new meaning to "bottomless buffet"
  5. My theory on this commercial is that Chris and Ann will continue to visit the park. They seem pretty excited.
  6. The custom t-shirts for 10 bucks really stood out to me. Nice to see so much improvements in Cedar Fair parks year after year.
  7. Will it feature Ed Alonzo, or be inspired by Ed Alonzo?
  8. That passage was based on the huge sucess of Halloween Haunt, not facebook pages.
  9. I thought they were talking about painting Invertigo's lift hill(s).
  10. Yea, it's people like that who shouldn't be on here. Who was that?
  11. It seems like it would be a good haunt show. I wonder if the show will have a creepy or scary appeal to it.
  12. It seems as if Kings Island has decided to do away with an Ice-skating show this year and debut "Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus- Magic and Mayhem". I'm pretty exicted that Kings Island has decided to try a different type of show this year. Your Thoughts? Source: http://www.fansofkientertainment.com
  13. Does anyone find it intresting that a movie call Face Off Is following the show?
  14. Soak City won't be Open on Opening day unless KI decides to open in May this year.
  15. A small, separate tube that runs next to the slide that your shoes go down. Sounds really stupid, but would work and look awesome.
  16. If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret.
  17. If you read the info of the group, it says: "If we get enough fans maybe Kings Island will bring back WINTERFEST!!!" It's not stating that they will.
  18. Call it stupid, but I have never seen the festhaus as packed as it was during their shows. The lines for the food stands were also a mile long. I am sure there bringing it back due to its huge success.
  19. I think the Saturday is acually the 3rd, not the 2nd.
  20. I thought the Rattling was just theming. If you think about it, its kinda cool.
  21. Knowing B&M they wouldn't have built a giga coaster either.
  22. The ride is a fairly old wooden roller coaster. That's a good excuse for it being a little on the rough side in places.
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