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  1. Don't know about here, but I know of some sites where "versus" threads, ESPECIALLY regarding coasters and parks, get shut down quickly. That aside, I'd look at the pros, cons KI Pros Many coasters, rides, attractions, live shows, and water park to warrant a whole day's stay, or even into two days Operation of multiple trains on coasters all the time Great kids area Being in the Cincinnati area, makes for lots of other things to do in the area - very accessible Season passes and ticket deals can make KI reasonably affordable KI Cons Parking, soft drinks, other costs can add up No "signature steel coaster"... in 2008. A more subjective statement... HW Pros Excellent woodies and great water park. They don't go for the wallet as often as most parks do - free parking, free soda, even free sunscreen Food is reasonably priced, good pizza Family owned, they take pride and ownership in the operation, like sweeping and running rides. HW Cons Fairly secluded, not much else to do in the area Only steel coaster is a kiddie coaster Based on location, variety, and infrastructure, Kings Island wins. But a definite nod to HW for value and hospitality.
  2. I've got a great feeling that the name will be "Big Don."
  3. I can concur that information, based upon a visit several years ago. The Point was less busy Sunday afternoon/evening than it was on Monday. Not perfectly true, but seems to be common. But any day you can make the most of a visit, will be a good day to visit Cedar Point. Even on an extremely busy HalloWeekends Saturday I managed to have a great time (ie I did Gemini four times in two hours).
  4. A colleague of mine in grad school loves this sign!!! There must be several of them throughout the midwest. The one I see most is between Cincinnati and Columbus.
  5. I don't know which pictures I like more: Chicago, Six Flags, or your cat? I was also curious how the new Trump tower, being about 90 stories, will affect the view from Sears Tower toward the John H. Center. Actually seems to fit in well.
  6. Walmart has decided to relocate their world headquarters to Mason, OH. They are acquiring Kings Island, Cedar Fair, and are thus building the Walmart Tower.
  7. Nooo... I thought that dark rides and Walmarts also used B&M track.
  8. Now that's a name I don't mind Cedar Fair re-using. Granted, they didn't fully use it, if you know what I mean.
  9. I'm really looking forward to more. Love the cat pictures at the start. Movie Spoiler: A recent blockbuster had most of its scenes filmed in Chicago. Next time I go there, I'll have to call it G**h*m. And even S ars Tower fails to bore me.
  10. I might be going to Coney on Friday with a good friend of mine, so I'm looking forward to it! I haven't been in about 5 years. I saw that before 4 pm, you can get Pool & Rides for $10.95 with an IGA receipt.
  11. Ooh... I just saw an I-Team update. Looks like Peterman donated the use of a school bus to them. And they got to head downtown to do shopping, dining, and culture, very nice!
  12. I wonder what kind of bus it is. I had the idea of acquiring a used bus from a local transit authority - even though they've aged, and the TAs are required to replace their fleet every so often, many buses are still in good working order. I know COTA is replacing some of their Flxible Metros (35 and 40 foot), and I'm sure Cincinnati's Metro system is also getting rid of some older ones.
  13. I've been to Boomerang Bay a couple times this year, and the guards, especially at the lazy river and wave pool, are scanning their areas like clockwork. Not sitting in their chairs and looking bored, but just on top of it all, as if they were with the Secret Service. Good work.
  14. What day did you go to the Air Show? Did you see the emergency (albeit safe) landing of the Northwest plane? Dayton's show, being long running, is pretty famous, being the "birthplace of aviation" - the Wright brothers' hometown. Probably because of so many people, they prohibit coolers/canopies, but that's my guess. As a Cincinnati area resident, I admit that I'll say... GO COLTS!!! I'm going to Indy next month to tour the new Stadium, can't wait.
  15. Since its installation at Paramount's (now California's) Great America, their Invertigo has always had that name. Not a bad name, IMO, and not bad repetition either. Drop Tower I agree is too generic and general... even "Power Tower" would have been a bit generic. Gyro Drop would've been better.
  16. I know how some aspects of fairs can make you cringe, but rarely have I felt unsafe, especially at the OH State Fair. They've had metal detection there for a few years now.
  17. I don't know if I would consider Kings Island a big competitor to the Hamilton County Fair. Entertainment options have vastly grown with technological advancements, especially the TV, DVD, internet, video games, etc. Heck, I would say some other surrounding county fairs as competition. I've been to the fair a few times over the past several years. There are some neat exhibits that showcase the history of Cincinnati and the county, such as historic transit buses. Fair admission includes rides (though there are mornings-early afternoons where there is no admission charge/rides extra) - which make fairs a bit seedy, IMO. The rides attract visitors... but are they right audience? Do they really care about farm/agricultural/arts exhibits? As to the future of the fair, both sides (for and against relocation to Crosby Twp.) make good arguments. Having the fair in its present location makes it accessible, especially with Metro routes serving it. But the surrounding area is also in decline. Moving to the west would be of more interest to those interested in fairs, but also somewhat out of reach. I'd prefer to stay in Carthage. Obviously, urban sprawl is having a negative affect on some county fairs, no doubt urban in counties where farmland is minimal. Some other counties, like Butler, Warren, and Clermont still have popular, successul fairs, though are being innundated by sprawl.
  18. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's comical thread of the day will be...
  19. Well the truth is the Cincinnati could have a had Super Bowl if it had a Dome. The team wanted grass at the time so no dome and Super Bowl. Also Riverfront was designed to have a dome but they never built it. Nice how Indianapolis is replacing the RCA Dome with a new retractable roof stadium. Sure the Dome was climate controlled, but it was the smallest NFL facility, it had many bleacher seats, no escalators, etc. Lucas Oil Stadium may have the new artificial stuff, but he ability to close the roof lets them host many more events, especially the NCAA Basketball Final Four every four years or so. The Bengals wanted grass so bad, but after a few years and some I-Team stories, they gave up and switched to FieldTurf. Oh, and Indianapolis will have the Super Bowl in 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_Oil_Stadium
  20. Having followed Cincinnati TV news/weather stations closely, especially Fox 19, and also noting the "SSSHHH!!" on Kings Island's teaser page... The new coaster has something to do with Steve Horstmeyer.
  21. CoastersNSich


    I picked this one just for you... Enjoy!
  22. I'm guessing that this eventually means that all parks, including the former Paramount ones, will serve the same soft drink brand. And if I had to guess, it'll be Pepsi. The PP contract with Coca-Cola must be running out in the near future. One thing I hope doesn't change is local foods that only Kings Island does, like Graeter's, LaRosa's, and Skyline. Six Flags has their deal with Papa John's, which IMO isn't great pizza, but is decent.
  23. Working at Meijer last summer, I'd hear a sampling of some great classic rock songs at random, but in the mix were the same contemporary soft rock songs that appeal to people who wear Mom Jeans™... especially when they rarely shop the store at hours when I was working (11p - 7am).
  24. He's from Cincinnati, and he's pushing B&M, so... KEVIN YOUKILIS: THE RIDE
  25. I hope Cortney did, because apparently Geauga Lake's boomerang (Head Spin) is going in its place for the 2009 season... http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2008/07/...winds-2009.html As for me, I've never been to Carowinds, but I have done Hersheypark's Roller Soaker.
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