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  1. Wait for the announcement before deciding that the name doesn't fit. For all we know, the coaster could be flying around a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  2. Latin text placeholders are often used in design, so that the presentation can be evaluated without any real content as a distraction. In this case, the people in charge of the website may have created those pages before they even got the actual content for them. Clearly, they shouldn't have been visible publicly yet. While it's looking likely that the name will be Gatekeeper, this isn't necessarily a certainty. Not yet having the final details of the ride, the web team could have created this test page using "Gatekeeper", which is clearly the project codename if not the actual ride name for the ride.
  3. I did a bit of a double take when reading about 1995(!)'s improvements in the latest KI newsletter: EDIT: It seems this was intentional, as the web page version of the newsletter includes the "Flashback" heading. In the email version, it appears without a heading at the end of a copyright message. I was very young during this era of the park, so I remember it quite fondly. The Nickelodeon "atmosphere" with an abundance of green slime (a Big Thing in the 90s) was combined with rides based on timeless Hanna-Barbara characters (also still popular in the 90s), and Phantom Theater operated with all its detailed animatronics working. I still enjoy seeing the "phantom" playing the organ on the Boo Blasters ride, as a throwback to the previous attraction in the building. I've seen others post here that SDatHC/BBoBH is more fitting for young children, as it's less likely to scare young children. My only recollection of being scared in PT was in the queue, when the phantom would turn around from his organ and speak to those in line. I distinctly recall loving both the detail of the scenes and the sense of fear upon entering the building. The ride had a sense of thrill (for children at least), which is certainly missing today. This was my favorite ride as a young child, if you couldn't tell, followed by Scooby Zoom (Great Pumpkin Coaster), the Zephyr, WWC, and KMLF (Race for your life Charlie Brown)/KCKC.
  4. That's a picture of Raptor posted on Cedar Point's FaceBook page, not an animation.
  5. If we had a KIC day at Holiday World, we'd be able to fill 6-person rafts.
  6. As far as I know, there's a single rider line and they do combine groups. So, you'll definitely be able to ride. I've never been there, but I want to go sometime soon - likely this weekend or the weekend after. If I do go, I'll post the dates here in case anyone else from KIC will be there when I am.
  7. malem

    Flight of Fear

    I've only seen the video playing once this season, when the indoor queue was filled, and it was too noisy inside to hear much dialog at all.
  8. If B&M recommends shoes as a requirement for their coasters with floors, the park - of course - would have to follow this. I'd wager that the reason has more to do with stepping on and off the coaster train than specifically for MCBR evacuations. Inverted and floorless coasters don't have this requirement, for obvious reasons, but still have the potential for such an evacuation. I do wonder what the owners of the flip flops caught in the nets around the final brake run do after losing them. Does the Diamondback gift/photo store sell replacements?
  9. Even if the manufacturer doesn't view them as absolutely necessary, the park can of course choose to add them. I'm not sure about you, but I feel more secure with a simple, rider-controlled backup restraint on certain rides. Even if the primary restraint is sufficiently redundant, the average rider might not know this. As long as a seatbelt doesn't kill the ride capacity, the park gets even more redundancy and riders get to feel more secure at a low cost.
  10. This is why using Twitter and/or two-way radios would be better, so one person doesn't have to be responsible for updating everyone else. Also, if some people have Fast Lane/Fright Lane and others don't, the group could be split up in different lines. It would be really hard for one person to keep track of this.
  11. It sounds like Fast Lane really made the day. Did you get any glares from Diamondback's standby line during the group marathon? If there's a KIC Night during the Haunt, I'd definitely try to go. Getting everyone to buy Fast Lane+Fright Lane for Saturday or finding a Friday that works for everyone may be hard, though. Since there will never be a single date that works for everyone, and many people from here will go more than once, perhaps schedule two? Next time, to avoid splitting up, someone should tweet the location of the group. Everyone could then use either a smartphone or text messaging to get these tweets, and no one would have to maintain a list of phone numbers. People not carrying phones could bring a cheap 2-way FRS radio, to get location updates in what's now an old fashioned way. (For what it's worth, when I bring radios, I set them all to channel 13 squelch 37. Use the same channel and we could end up meeting!)
  12. Your picture is just begging for a caption. How about "48 inchez?? Wen do i haz dem?"
  13. Policies against cameras don't include an exception for those strapped to your person. So, presumably he's just breaking park rules without getting caught.
  14. I sent a PM to request a display name change to something pronounceable. It's been a few days, so I'm just bumping this so that the PM is (hopefully) noticed.
  15. malem

    Fun perks...

    Anyone that looks enough like him could clone his pass and try to get into the park with it. He has a photo in his avatar, presumably of himself, after all. Either someone scams their way in, or the park notices fraud and revokes the pass.
  16. See also Ed Hart's op-ed piece: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20120531/OPINION02/305310018/State-fails-Kentucky-Kingdom-s-next-act?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Home|s
  17. malem

    Restaurant Reviews

    Dirty tables and cleanliness still gets 9/10?
  18. You need a Kroger Plus card, which you'll get immediately before you give them your name/address. Even if you never give them back the form, the card will still work and you'll still get your fuel discount. I'd suggest filling it out and simply leaving the address (and any other info you don't have or don't want to give) blank. $34.99 tickets are available at AAA Ohio locations to AAA members. This includes AAA stores in the counties in white below:
  19. Season passes aren't sold in Columbus area stores. Stop at the Kroger on Kings Mills Rd (if you go I-71) or at the junction of US-42 and the 42 bypass (if you go US-42). You'll save $0.40/gallon on fuel for each pass if you buy it on/after May 21. Obviously, you need to do so before May 28.
  20. You're thinking about the Magic Kingdom.
  21. The $99.99 KI prepaid cards at Kroger are gold memberships, as long as you process them on/before May 28. And they do qualify for double fuel points. This is preferable to purchasing online, as there's no $5 processing fee and no buggy flash-based Accesso store to deal with.
  22. Doesn't anyone want a Diamondback model train? There still haven't been 20 correct replies, hours after the question was posted. (There have been 15, give or take, as some people may have deleted an earlier reply to try again) Hint: the answer is in a forum reply on this site. (Don't forget to follow @KingsIslandPR first and include hashtag #KingsIsland40)
  23. malem

    Meal Deal?

    If only Chipotle would work on reducing the saltiness of everything on the menu, I might start going there again. Really, Abuelo's isn't much more for lunch and has a better environment with much better tasting food. (Also, chips and salsa are free)
  24. Why would holders of secured debt want to block the deal, unless these entities also hold stock? APO seems less likely to default on debt than WOLF.
  25. Even if you have Flash, the store will sometimes inexplicitly fail to load with a numerical error code. (I get "Error #2046", which I haven't got around to troubleshooting yet. I'm guessing it's an SSL connection error.) Not to mention the accessibility, international input, disability access, and security issues created by having the store use Flash. Since the page hosting the Flash store isn't on a secure server, the store is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hijacking. People using screen readers to browse the web would find the Flash overlay impossible to use. Hopefully Cedar Fair will get Accesso to fix the issues and offer a non-Flash store. I can't imagine that Cedar Fair would accept blocking all iPads and iPhones from the store, as well as people in corporate settings where Flash is banned. Or having a website that isn't accessible to people with disabilities. I would encourage anyone having problems with the store to e-mail Kings Island PR, so they can get forwarded to Cedar Fair's web team and their vendors.
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