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  1. It's not a roller coaster and it's not at KI, but I got stuck on Mammoth at Holiday World. Everyone had to evacuate to a stairway via a small ladder and walk back to the station.
  2. Most likely, the guest didn't enter the maze intending to punch an actor. Some people, unfortunately, have an instinctive reaction of violence when they feel threatened. That's absolutely no excuse, of course, as guests are informed about the experience and are responsible for controlling their behavior. If there was no criminal intent, prosecution might not be appropriate. If the assailant ran, or otherwise didn't take responsibility, criminal charges could be very appropriate. For everyone's safety, anyone committing any assault in the park should be escorted out immediately, without excep
  3. In late August, a ride operator was thanking riders for riding "Flight Deck, formerly Top Gun".
  4. Columbus Day is Monday, which apparently has an effect. (Government employees don't work that day, and some may be out of school) Hopefully it won't have too big of an effect this Friday. Cedar Point's Sunday hours are 10am-10pm for the first time since Labor Day weekend. This is a telling sign that they're expecting large crowds.
  5. My legs hit the front of the cars on Vortex, so it's not very pleasant to ride. If I'm not in the front seat of a car, it's downright painful.
  6. For me, it would have to be Cedar Point's Mine Ride, from 2002-2012. It's not a coaster, but I haven't been up the Eiffel Tower since 1998(!). I really should go up there again.
  7. How late did you stay? If Haunt crowds are anything like normal late-operation crowds, lines get much shorter as closing time approaches. It should be possible to get quite a few rides into the 12am hour. If you're going this Friday night, make sure to look for the group of us from KIC. (Or even join us.)
  8. This forum works well on a mobile browser; you don't need an app to use it.
  9. ^ Stopped reading at "scariest parts were the", because I don't want spoilers. Those of us who haven't been there yet don't want to know what the scariest parts are. We want to be scared by them. Could you hide the spoilers with the forum spoiler tag, or - even better - remove the spoilers completely?
  10. According to the Gaylord CEO, who will remain at the much smaller company, the project may not be entirely dead: (http://www.wsmv.com/story/19668111/dolly-parton-ends-partnership-with-nashville-water-park) That statement must be taken with a rather large grain of salt, as the new Gaylord will no longer be investing in the development of new properties. They have a real estate interest in someone going ahead with this project, however unlikely it may be. (We can be pretty sure that Marriott isn't going back into the amusement park business.)
  11. Call 513-754-5700 and ask to be transferred to the 24 hr security line. I would give the direct number but I am not sure I am allowed to give it. The number for KI security is 513-754-5728 Obviously, don't call it unless you have a legitimate reason to speak to security at KI. In an emergency, dial 911.
  12. My favorites would be anything consisting of chocolate and nuts (using the word "nut" very loosely) - Reese's cups, peanut M&M's, Almond Joy, and the old formulation of Mr. Goodbar. (Sadly, the latter is now "mockolate" instead of chocolate, as Hershey replaced cocoa butter with vegetable oil) I usually get a large bag from Costco and simply pick my favorites out for me to enjoy. (Mean, I know.)
  13. ^ No, that fee is for online orders only. Taking up an actual employee's time at the park to renew is free.
  14. You must have a souvenir cup to buy a refill or to use a refill wristband. Drink wristbands that allow you to use disposible cups are only available as FunPerks rewards and through group sales. If I remember right, refills are now $1.99 each or $7 for a refill wristband.
  15. I'll also be going to Haunt for the first time. I might be there tomorrow as well, and I'll definitely be going on "KIC Day" Oct 5. I've avoided reading any descriptions of mazes that could be spoilers, as I want to be surprised. There will definitely be people and things startling you, but you should go in knowing it's all for fun. Some people are more affected by this than others. If you're particularly affected, you might try forcing yourself to scream. (I don't make a habit of screaming, but I've been told that it helps by people who do.) Whatever you do, running and/or touching actors i
  16. It's one full hour, as it has been the entire 2012 season. Confirmed by Don on Twitter, even, in response to someone who tweeted the question:
  17. They technically aren't supposed to accept CP cups, Some of the food people do anyway, but don't count on it. If you have a WindSeeker cup, perhaps they wouldn't bother to look for the park logo. Though I somewhat doubt that they are selling more of these this season. Or, you could be like me and just get courtesy cups of water 2 at a time; I even gave my FunPerks drink voucher away. (The only exception is Holiday World, where I did get some Gatorade.)
  18. Spitting off the sides of coasters, especially Magnum, Mean Streak, and The Racer. Better change the spelling of this topic before Terp arrives. You misspelled it ("darnedest"), but you didn't misspell it correctly. (see http://www.KICentral...t-things-haunt/)
  19. It's not.Each seat is still physically checked by a ride op no matter if the light is on or not. If one of the two redundant systems for verifying that seats are locked is malfunctioning, that could be a safety issue. They're redundant for a reason, and that's not the only safety problem. The WindSeekers are now hurting the safety reputation of the entire chain, as fair or unfair as that may be. No ride is ever worth that, so it will be interesting to see what happens. $33M (1.5 Sons of Beast) is a lot to sink into a project for these results.
  20. According to statements by the park, you should be able to use the printed online voucher to enter for your one free visit this fall. Just present this at the gate, as you would a printed ticket. That said, there have been stories of people denied entry using passes that should have worked every season from 2006 onwards, so you may wish to call them and/or get to the park early. Guest Services will help you in the event there's a problem scanning your pass and/or voucher. (Everyone there is really nice, but there could be a long line depending on the time.) The same goes for anyone renewing
  21. Perhaps they prefer that people who check the webcams page see things other than Son of Beast. The images on their website are posted on the blog, which is primarily of interest to enthusiasts and anyone interested in park developments. Featuring it on a webcam would draw continuous attention in a way a blog post does not. I'm sure the park currently prefers continuous attention to be directed towards Haunt and next season, rather than whatever is planned for SOB's plot in the future. It's great that the park is taking images of the demolition and publishing them, whether they're offering a l
  22. KIC isn't an appropriate way to ask the park anything. You aren't the first person to ask about this here, and I'm sure the park has already been asked in various ways such as email and Twitter. Offhand, I would guess that the park prefers pointing their webcams at more positive things.
  23. Most downtime there, from what I've seen, is fairly short (<30 minutes) in duration. It's gone down multiple times when I've been either in the station or in the queue. Having TTD running probably a huge maintenance priority. That queue is often a frustrating one to wait in. The split doesn't always result in fair wait times, and you have to navigate a station crammed with 4-5 trains worth of people.
  24. Something inspired me to look at old KI construction photos, and I found several great PTRs from Diamondback's construction tour, including this one. It's fun looking back to see now-completed areas under heavy construction, so I thought one of these should (finally!) get a post-completion bump. It's especially interesting for people like me who weren't regularly following these forums back then. (Looking back makes me wish I had been.) Those are some really nice shots. You guys definitely got up-close with the construction site!
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