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  1. Speaking of Season Pass Processing, does anyone happen to know the hours? Their website is super vague and says, "Season Pass Processing will be available on days the park is open to the general public. Hours may vary from park hours." So basically it's no better than saying, "We should be open when the park is open, but we also might not be. You'll just have to come check." My wife and I went out yesterday evening to get our passes processed. Processing was already closed. It was 7 pm and the park was open for another 3 hours. Not sure how they can post that kind of explanation a
  2. Thanks guys, these are great suggestions! I was pretty sure there was stuff to do, but I kinda wanted to have some ideas before we went. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the park with our daughter. It'll definitely be a lot of fun!
  3. Hey guys, It's been quite a while since I've been on here, but my wife and I had our first child last October and as you'd expect, we've been preoccupied. With that said, we've been talking about making our first visit to the park with our daughter. She's 10 months old now, but will be around 11-12 months when we visit later this season in the fall. My question is this, besides the train, are there any rides or attractions that you'd suggest for a child around a year old? We were trying to think of what all is there, but it's been quite a while since I've been there with a you
  4. Looks like these posters and announcement date had nothing to do with the actual attraction we're getting for 2019. I was really hoping that Adventure Express would get some love, or heck, even The Racer. I kind of wish they'd take a season and refresh some of the older rides "Something old will be new again". I guess I was thinking more about a refresh rather than a reinstallation of an old ride. Oh well, looks like I was wrong.
  5. The posters found at Cedar Fair had obvious nods to both Son of Beast and Adventure Express. "Number 5 is Alive" and "Track 2 is no longer is use and has been permanently abandoned" were written on the posters. Pair that with the announcement being on National Rollercoaster Day and you can't help but speculate differently. I never thought we were getting a rebuild of Son of Beast, that's never happening. However, I figured a revamp of Adventure Express was highly possible. Just not sure what all the teaser posters were getting at. How did they have anything to do with Antique Cars? Were
  6. This is great and all, but what was all that stuff about "Outpost 5" and the quotes from the Adventure Express loading station on the posters found at Cedar Point? Not sure how the Antique Cars fit in with all the posters and leaks that have come out recently.
  7. Die hard Android/PC guy here! I love my Android and wouldn't change for any reason. I love the ability to customize my phone and the option to add an SD card is priceless.
  8. Just curious, what are the wait times like for tonight's passholder event?
  9. Maybe we could start a campaign and our tagline could be "Make Vortex Smooth Again." We could get hats, T-Shirts and everything!
  10. My question is this: If they're not going to limit it's availability and events are no longer truly exclusive, then why offer both the Gold Pass and Regular Pass options? My opinion is that they should just merge them and have one option. Why in the world would someone buy a Regular pass over a Gold one? Just seems odd to have both options. Platinum options makes sense since it offers more benefits, so maybe they just have two options - Gold and Platinum.
  11. I guess when I say "perks" I'm talking about the perks that are offered with the Gold Pass (Early Ride Times, Preview Nights, etc). The things I've been seeing in recent years though, is that pretty much everyone seems to have a Gold Pass, and it seems like Gold Passes are offered longer than they used to be. Now, I'm not against anyone buying a Gold Pass. By all means, if a Gold Pass is available for purchase, of course you should buy one. However, when you get to exclusive nights and find out they're not so "exclusive," then it makes you wonder what the actual perk of having a Gold Pass
  12. Is it just me, or does having a Gold Pass feels like less and less of a perk with each passing year. At this point I feel like they should just drop the word "Gold" and just refer to it as a Season Pass since basically everyone who gets a pass has a Gold Pass. Please understand that I'm not complaining, just expressing my opinion based on my observations as a pass holder for the majority of my life. Lately, though, there really doesn't seem like there is much difference between Gold and Regular. Yes, Gold offers "Perks" but is it really a perk when everyone has one? Is a Gold Pass Preview
  13. Although I can see both viewpoints in regards to this topic, I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with the OP on this one. Sure it's probably not a big deal when a handful of people (or groups) decide to get in the single rider line. This might help to fill some holes and be able to load the train completely. However, what if everyone who wanted to ride Mystic Timbers caught onto this? What if everyone said, "Ah screw the main queue, we'll just get in the single rider line and ride separate." Sure when it's just a handful of people it's not a big deal, but if more and more groups started u
  14. Just finished reading. Fantastic post!
  15. I can confidently say I've had guns (blasters) that didn't work. I've ridden this ride every single season since it was converted to a blaster-type ride as Scooby-Doo. I can usually rack up a pretty high score, however, there are times when I can shoot at everything and nothing happens. The props don't respond and no points are added to my score. It's not that I don't know what I'm doing or that I don't know how to aim, believe me. There have been times that I've tried every single gun in the car and can't get anything to work. Perhaps it's just a problem with the system and not with the
  16. ^ My wife and I were headed out to the Pass Holder Preview Night, but decided to skip once I started hearing reports and seeing pictures. A 4 hour wait for Mystic Timbers? Ain't nobody got time for that! Apparently there ARE that many passholders.
  17. ^Gosh, I hope he wasn't serious! Hopefully he was just pranking his family with this ridiculous story.
  18. Some of the best memories I have are my friends and I out at KI in the summers. We'd go up a lot on weekday evenings in the summer and since it wasn't too crowded, we'd run from ride to ride. We'd joke, laugh, goof around. There's nothing like growing up at KI and getting to enjoy it with your friends. Good times.
  19. Well, I wasn't just talking about the TVs. I was also referring to the groups of teenagers now adays that stand in line together with their faces in their phones. Mainly just making a point that 20 years ago, we didn't need electronics and media to keep us entertained in line. We just enjoyed each other's company and conversation, while looking for other ways to keep entertained such as joking around and such.
  20. ^ @KIBeast I too, remember standing for hours in line without anything to do but talk to each other. When I was a teenager, me and a couple of my good friends would visit KI on a regular basis. We'd stand in line and talk or whisper to each other while pointing out all the "hot" girls in line. It was a blast! We didn't need TVs, or even cell phones, to keep busy. It kind of saddens me to see a group of friends in line at KI and every single one of them has their face in their phone. Half the fun of visiting KI was goofing around with your friends and all the topics of conversation you cou
  21. ^ @chugh43 I'd be ok with this too. It would fix all the issues I have with the ride, including the queue.
  22. ^ @SonofBaconator I wouldn't necessarily call it a "rant" per se, but rather just me expressing my opinion of what's wrong with the queue in it's current state and offering some suggestions on how to fix it.
  23. Boy, does the Boo Blasters queue ever need help! What a horrible excuse for theming! I didn't think it could get any worse, then they went and added "FunTV" in there, and pretty much did away with any immersion they were trying to create before the ride. Nothing like walking into (what looks like) a haunted castle and seeing pop star Demi Lovato belting out "Let it Go". Where am I, Disney World? I thought this was a haunted castle? The last time I rode it, there was some sort of tax commercial playing on the tv. What in the world, KI? Giving up on the theming completely would just be to t
  24. It'd be cool if coffee was an option also. Just sayin
  25. I'm still holding out hope that Adventure Express can return to it's former glory!
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