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  1. I was wondering about this. Will it be sold in the park?
  2. I have all but the blue Orion one. I forgot about that one.
  3. All of those look really good. I'm really happy they made a Phantom Theater pin. I have been wanting one of those the most since I started collecting them last year.
  4. Would a face shield be ok to wear to KI?
  5. I'm going to wait a while before going. All of these restrictions sound like they are just going to create a huge cluster. I go to Kings Island to get away from all the stupidity in the world, not to be reminded of it.
  6. I hope this works. I am so sick and tired of her. She has been wrong the whole time about this whole thing and has done nothing but hurt the entire economy in Ohio.
  7. So people are insane if they don't live their lives in fear?
  8. Last option for me. I would love to take this survey for myself.
  9. I wish I could like this more than once. You nailed it.
  10. Can they just change Boo Blasters to Phantom Theater again? If it can be made once, it can be made again right?
  11. I really want them to. Do I think they will? No idea.
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