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  1. This news totally made my day. It's going to make my trip to KI and Cedar Point in June even better not having to cover my face. It's nice to see common sense being used here.
  2. My copy finally arrived today. I can't wait to really dive into this book.
  3. That is weird. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and even though it said it arrived in Cincinnati I still didn't get it today. Usually when something arrives in Cincy I get it the next day.
  4. I was supposed to receive my copy on the 5th then it said it would arrive on the 9th but didn't. It said it was still in transit. The latest update today said its on its in Cincinnati and should be here tomorrow finally. This has been frustrating but I'm just really excited to get this book.
  5. Listening to the latest podcast has made me even more excited for this book. I'm glad I pre-ordered it.
  6. Ok stupid question: Where do I go to upgrade to platinum?
  7. I have been looking forward to this book. Got it pre ordered.
  8. A buddy of mine is coming up here in June and we are going to Kings Island for two days then we are going up to Cedar Point for two days. I have a Kings Island Gold pass but nothing for Cedar Point. Would I be better off upgrading to a Platinum pass or just getting a two day ticket?
  9. Tear it down and bring back Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal. A guy can dream right?
  10. A lot of people do have breathing problems and can't breathe in masks but nobody seems to care about that which I'm getting tired of.
  11. Seeing all the work that's been going into The Racer, I think a repaint should be on the list too.
  12. Will anyone truly want to look back on that dark time though?
  13. This is one coaster I wish I could have ridden and that POV is great. I wasn't able to go to the park during most of Son of Beast's lifespan, only being able to go until about 2003, and I was scared of most coasters during that time. When I got to go to Kings Island in June of 2012, I couldn't take my eyes off SOB. It was an amazing structure to look at and I was sad to learn about a month later that it would be removed from the park. I love Banshee but part of me wishes Son of Beast was still there.
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