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  1. So people are insane if they don't live their lives in fear?
  2. Last option for me. I would love to take this survey for myself.
  3. I wish I could like this more than once. You nailed it.
  4. Can they just change Boo Blasters to Phantom Theater again? If it can be made once, it can be made again right?
  5. I really want them to. Do I think they will? No idea.
  6. I never got to ride King Cobra for because I was not tall enough (I was only ten when it was removed) and I was scared of coasters during that time. It's one I wish I could have ridden. It was my mom's favorite ride at Kings Island and I bought her a King Cobra shirt for her birthday a few years ago.
  7. The addition of Banshee is my favorite moment from this past decade. It's my second favorite ride in the park and it brought new life to Action Zone when it opened in 2014. I watched a stream of the announcement and followed everything about the coaster until I rode it for the first time on Mother's day 2014.
  8. I would love to find that one.
  9. I started collecting Kings Island pins this year and I have gotten quite a few already. Anyone else collect them?
  10. As someone who loves the history of Kings Island, I am looking forward to reading this book. I can't wait to see it!
  11. That is one of the best creations I have seen. I wish it was real.
  12. Some of the shops on International Street has some retro shirts. I bought my mom a King Cobra shirt from one of them two years ago and I remember seeing some this year too.
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