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  1. Some of the stuff on there is just a work in progress. I don't want it to look terrible, so I have to constantly make changes and brain storm some new ideas.
  2. No. I've never really wanted it to happen. A friend told me it would look better there and I kinda agreed. I just thought it would look neat. Actually most Cedar Fair parks have their dry attractions wrapped around their water park attractions.
  3. I'm working on it. It's slowly coming together. I can't work on it all day can't I?
  4. I have noticed that when Kings Island has its commercials, they aren't the rides that they have or even ones that any of the other Cedar Fair Parks have. Should Kings Island start shooting commercials in the park as well as the other Cedar Fair parks instead of using all of Cedar Points Rides in the advertisement? (If you have seen the commercials, you know what I mean)
  5. I kinds wish that they moved Invertigo over to Soak City because of its color scheme because it matches nothing over in the Action Zone. Unless the rumors are true and the Action Zone is goine to under go rehab.
  6. What I like about the park the best is that they use the coasters as a perimeter to the park with the exception of Backlot Stunt Coaster. So i don't think that they won't put in anmything big in river town because Diamondback and The Beast are already crowding the area to build a new ride there besides Crypt.
  7. I'm trying to make save a ton of Miami Valley Railroad photos because I'm trying to make a site dedicated to the trains but I need some help. I have a ton of photos already but most are from frequently viewed cites. I just need some photos from your visits to KI if you have any. I wont care if you don't want to, but I don't want any photos of families at all, just the trains. If you guys could help me out, that would greatly be appreciated.
  8. Kiddie land was originally part of Rivertown where the flume and Diamondback are.
  9. I always thought that the peanut characters should span out across the entire park so that kids can meet their favorite characters without having to go to kiddie land. I know they are on international street occasionally but they should let the characters move freely on some days, not every day.
  10. I don't think they can put a new big ride there because it serves a lot of purposes. A haunt maze, a cool-off ride, a interacting ride (water guns) and it is a ride that you can wiat for when the others have long lines. plus if they would put a big ride there, they would have to put it over the railroad, which I wouldn't like one bit.
  11. I thought that they would expand X-base but that thought was shattered when they made Dinosaurs Alive
  12. I'm thinking that they will make another Italian Job or Flight of Fear LIM coaster some where. I don't think they can fit a big thrill in River town because its wedged between Coney Mall, Kiddie land and International Street. Unless they put a small ride where Crypt is now like a flat ride or something.
  13. Thanks!! I'm happy to meet another railroad enthusiast such as yourself.
  14. I love the ride. It fits where its location is because it is not visible if you are not on the train and it doesn't take up space around the area. Ride wise: it's a fun ride for those who want to cool off and enjoy a thrill that doesn't involve heights.
  15. Bat wing (completely identical to Firehawk accept different color) and Night Hawk at Carowinds,
  16. I know this is a big discussion already but I'm just going to ask anyway. What do you think coming to KI for the 2013 season?
  17. You are right about the flying Dutchman part though, my bad.
  18. The same type of coasters at different parks don't offer the flying experience and just have people lay down the whole time with some loops but they never feel like they are flying because they are on their back for so long.
  19. I think that if people are so siked about SOB being torn down, then Kings Island should have devoted fans sign a waver and pay some money to tear it down. but they wouldn't because of a death risk, but a good idea.
  20. It's not suspended. In a suspended the cars actually hang like Flight Deck, Invertigo and Flying Ace Aerial Chase. When you get on Firehawk, you sit/stand like you are in a regular coaster.
  21. They Should make SOB a Museum or something. With safety precautions included.
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