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  1. I love this thread idea. It will definitely provide some good entertainment through the year.
  2. That is awesome. Knott's has always been a park high up on my to-visit list, and seeing how much pride they take in their history and what they are known for is just another reason why it seems like such a great park. It may not have the extreme thrills other Cedar Fair parks has, but the theming and attention to detail make it seem like a memorable, fun place.
  3. Thanks for the report! Yesterday, it seemed like most reviews I read were from entitled enthusiasts who only complained about the ride, so it's nice to actually have a real, thoughtful review. This coaster sounds absolutely amazing and I can't wait to (hopefully) ride it this summer! Just a quick question, I've also heard that the front is butter smooth but the back has a little rattle. Can you attest to whether or not this is true, and if so, how noticeable it is?
  4. I understand the proceeds are going to a good cause, but my mom and I had planned on going and now won't be able to. If you're going with a group of 4 then it wouldn't be bad due to being able able to split the cost, but for us since we'd have to pay the full cost, it won't be possible this year. But I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics from everyone who does go and supports this great organization!
  5. Color is a huge factor. Not necessarily for how a ride stacks up in my rankings, but I love the visual appeal of a bright, beautiful coaster. Especially with unique color schemes (Fury 325 and its green spine against the light blue track and white supports )
  6. Cedar Point. It's my home park and I have amazing memories there. Between the ride selection, location, and sentimental value, no other park will ever top it. I've been to 4 CF parks: CP, KI, Dorney, and Geauga Lake .
  7. That's great to know, thank you! We'll definitely go with that option. Might as well add my dad too in case he decides to join in on any enthusiast events this year. Can't beat the low cost!
  8. Quick question about the GOCC: Is the $25 family membership per person or one total cost? My mom and I will probably both join so we're trying to figure out the cheapest way.
  9. Rougarou for sure. It also looks like a stop by Knoebel's will be reality. A trip down to Carowinds and Kings Dominion also seems like it could work out this summer!
  10. 1) Other: A truly successful coaster is one that I can smile before, during, and after while making memories with friends and family. 2) Negative Gs: My favorite aspects on coasters. Which is why El Toro>>>all 3/4) Theme/special effects: While not a make-or-break factor in my ranking of coasters, ones with more effects and theming provide a better overall experience and leave a great impression. 5) Speed: Launches. 'Nuff said.
  11. I still think that "leaked" dive coaster rumor from the Sandusky Register could be true. Whenever they've released unannounced park info before, it pretty much turns out to be accurate. But as whole, I'm going to say that it's for that midway expansion idea I've had for a few years. Cedars Dorms will also come down, Perimeter Rd will be rerouted, and a new midway will connect the Blue Streak midway from Calypso's current location to near the bleachers in Celebration Plaza. This is just one rough possible idea of what it could be. As you can see, having a whole multi year expansion in additio
  12. Like so many others, Starting to Decode 2014. Not only was it very entertaining and at times simply crazy, but it was what first brought me to KIC.
  13. I absolutely love the reliability, smoothness, and visual appeal of B&M coasters (yes, I did just say that ). However, when I ride a roller coaster, I am looking for a completely out-of-this-world, exhilarating experience I can't find anywhere else. Since this is entirely a matter of opinion, due to the aforementioned reasons I tend to prefer Intamin over B&M. From a park management standpoint, B&Ms obviously come across as a clearer choice since they are people eaters and are generally crowd pleasers. But there's just something about Intamin's willingness to push boundaries that I
  14. This one with the Maintenance Department is fascinating as well. Most people don't realize all that goes into not only how these ride work, but also how they are kept in the best of shape.
  15. Just imagine if Mean Streak went from this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPQ4AusAgqU ...To this: My enthusiast friend (rcoaster10) made this on NL2 and it's really awesome. With a little RMC love, mean Streak could seriously be one of the best coasters out there.
  16. According to Tony there will only be one more video of the Rougarou Files. I was thinking there would be more than just 4 but I'm sure it takes a lot of time to put those together. I'm thankful they even did any. Can't wait for the next and final one!
  17. I'm sure the park has thought about this but hopefully they will have plenty of security. I can only imagine how crazy it would be with a bunch of teenagers in the park until 2 am...
  18. I'll definitely want to go! Not sure if I'd go to the May 29th one since my actual graduation will be bright and early the next day, but maybe the June 12th one!
  19. When the Off Season Photo Contest is already in its 16th week...which means we are already 16 weeks into the off season...which means we are getting closer and closer to Opening Day 2015!
  20. Thank you Don! That'a great to know. If my Science Olympiad team makes it to Nationals this year, that's the weekend when it would be. However we won't find out until mid April so I'm glad to hear I'll still be able to buy tickets if we end up not qualifying. I'll still get a coaster club membership soon too since I'll be using it for other events like Coastermania. Better to be safe than sorry.
  21. 1. RMC 2. No (unless there is a bathroom, then I'd say yes) 3. 2010-2014 (to be exact, 2013) 4. Haven't ridden any
  22. I haven't found any info regarding this: is there a capacity limit or will tickets be sold up until the cutoff date (April 30)? I won't be able to find out if I'm free that weekend until early April so I'm just wondering whether or not tickets would still be available. Since I haven't seen anything about a capacity max I'm going to guess that there isn't one but just wanted to make sure.
  23. I love how they all signed that piece! I think it would be so cool looking at at that behemoth and being able to say "My name's on that." Even though it will never be seen by again, it's still pretty awesome.
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