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  1. Is anybody able to comment with advice for a Cedar Point visit with this year’s processes? We are going on Friday for our only visit this season, and we are bringing a first-timer, so we want to be able to do everything. We will be there open to close. Any recommendations as it relates to crowd size, boarding passes, etc... is appreciated.
  2. Does the elimination of the reservation system also remove the health pre-screen?
  3. You have a more diverse riding experience than I do. I also have Goliath (SFOG) ahead of Diamondback, but I have never been able to identify why I feel that way. Could you elaborate your thoughts?
  4. Awesome photos. The quality on some of the older ones is impressive. I especially enjoyed seeing The Bat. Watching the development of the park over the years, through this lens, is really cool. I do wish there was something to be done about the number of trees and foliage lost.
  5. I’m not too upset about the event being cancelled at this point. Priorities have shifted for me, and I’m assuming many others, so that refund will come in handy. And the ERT schedule wasn’t great to begin with
  6. The line at the chicken shack is absurd and my food was cold.
  7. The tweet linked in the original post has now been deleted. Whatever that means...
  8. It looks like Kentucky Kingdom is planning an enthusiast event for May 31st. I’m planning to see if more details are released before purchasing, but it is definitely on my radar!
  9. Sad to see. This park was always on my radar but I never made a trip. My wife and I had plans to go for the first time in July of this year.
  10. 1. The Voyage 2. Steel Vengeance 3. Maverick 4. Fury 325 5. Millennium Force 6. Top Thrill Dragster 7. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts 8. Storm Chaser 9. The Legend 10. Revenge of the Mummy I have been on 75 coasters in total, so my sample size is not huge. My highest KI coaster is Mystic Timbers at 12, but I am expecting Orion to change that in a few months.
  11. Shared this one on my socials... RIP Vortex.
  12. I rode Raptor last night and had an incredible experience. Smooth, easy ride. I don’t understand how a ride that is 25 years old is so much smoother to ride than Banshee. Maybe it’s because the inversions are tighter and less drawn-out. But Banshee was rattling to an almost unpleasant level last weekend on all three of my laps. There were constant vibrations. Last night, Raptor gave me the best lap that I can ever remember on that ride. I don’t want to sound whiny, but there was a stark difference between experiences. Hopefully they can get Banshee figured out.
  13. I’ve been most impressed with Field of Screams so far this year.
  14. It’s strange to me that Kings Island broke the news at 5:00am on a Friday. It’s feels like they are trying to avoid a news cycle and not say much about it. Very different from Firehawk’s removal announcement IIRC... maybe because they knew we would love the short term replacement for Firehawk and aren’t sure about Vortex’s replacement. Either way, I will miss this ride. The first drop is one of the few that still “gets my stomach.” I imagine that won’t be an issue with the addition of Orion. This is a tough one for us to see go for so many reasons. RIP Vortex.
  15. The fountains at KMAA are not working today. Has this been going on for a while? I haven’t been to the park in several weeks, but they were functioning last time I was here. Hopefully the beautiful area of our brand new ride isn’t already falling apart.
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