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  1. Cause that never ends poorly. Reference Boaty McBoatface. Or Mtn Dew's "Dub the Dew" contest from a few years back.
  2. Cue speculation about Kings Island Winterfest? As someone else suggested, I'd put money on it being Carowinds.
  3. ^And, in general, these scares are much more effective than some teenager shouting and flailing their arms. Plus, as they're less demanding on the actor, it probably helps Universal to retain its performers longer.
  4. I'm also curious about the ride's top piece, which looks like a large inverted cone. I know the ride is disassembled annually, so I'm hoping that piece just hasn't returned yet. It'd be a bummer if it pulled a Monster and lost one of its most distinguishing features.
  5. Agreed - the cars just don't match the ride anymore. The structure definitely looks bright and nice though.
  6. ^Are the kiosks where you can buy the card around every game? Or were they a bit harder to find? And did the kiosk take cash, or only credit?
  7. ^But then you'd have those complaining that International Street is a European town, and Cincinnati baseball has no home there. Although, of course, the "European town" was somewhat ruined when the American Heritage Music Hall opened in 1976.
  8. It already has a river according to CoastersRZ...... There's not a river anymore - the waterfall that pours into Diamondback's pool is a single feature without any visible connection. But before Diamondback, there used to be a different waterfall that into Swan Lake and originated from all the way from next to the train station. The small bridge guests pass under after the old WINGS restaurant used to be over this stream.
  9. A definite maybe, depending on how you count rides. You could argue the park had 49 rides in 2003 and 2004 (counting Antique Cars and Racer both as two, while ignoring all of the water park and Nickelodeon Green Slime Zone), versus only 48 today. But it's definitely been an upward swing in ride count since the park first opened.
  10. Demand based pricing for food would make sense though - most park guests flood the food stands at the peak lunch and dinner times. If the park wanted to spread out these crowds instead, ensuring fewer guests wasted time queuing for food, they could incentive them to go at irregular hours with cheaper prices. Now figuring out all the logistics of this system may be a bit challenging, and I don't foresee Kings Island attempting it anytime soon.
  11. I wonder where else in the park refill stations will be added. Assuming they're trying to re-purpose shelters like that games one, I could see the lockers near Vortex potentially transforming into one.
  12. Those pines aren't new - reference this webcam screenshot (https://embed.gyazo.com/803b4234343515d146921c5c06ca6f61.jpg) shared earlier in the thread to the current view and you'll see they've been there.
  13. ^Oh I fully agree. I see no reason why snakes wouldn't stay in Cobra's Curse's queue, just like cheetahs, penguins, and mantas have stayed in all the attractions you previously listed.
  14. I've heard that the only reason the crocodiles were relocated was because they grew too big for that area. Otherwise they would likely still be there.
  15. The article doesn't say that the original Freedom Train is replacing Holiday Express. Instead... Sounds more like the original ride will only be a small display.
  16. I know it's an old post, but the capacity was not lost. When half the ride vehicles were removed, the ride speed was also doubled. This means it maintained the same capacity.
  17. I don't think this has come up yet, but I bet White Water Canyon will now have FastLane if the queue is being re-routed. It was one of only a handful of rides outside the pay attractions and Planet Snoopy that didn't have it last year (alongside the Grand Carousel, Bat, and railroad).
  18. ^Smart thinking. I'm curious if the ride's exit will be moving too.
  19. I'm having a hard time quoting it, but the "Opening Day 1972. #KingsIsland" from three days ago is technically incorrect. The picture depicts the grand opening on May 27, while the actual opening day was nearly a month earlier on April 29.
  20. Diamondback used to, but then Fast Lane happened the very next year. SRL was the reason why I only waited 10 minutes for D-Back on Opening Day 2009. No it didn't. FastLane happened two years later: Diamondback opened 2009, FastLane began 2011.
  21. Actually the old Busytown stand is now Chick-fil-A. Disregard, I'm wrong. Planet Snoopy Grill was indeed Busytown Grill, while Chick-fil-A was Magilla Gorilla's Grill.
  22. Ah, I suppose the "aliens in the other car" scene is a screen - didn't think of that. But pardon that and the Will Smith ending, the ride is animatronic after animatronic.
  23. Men in Black doesn't have screens, pardon a large one at the end that depicts Will Smith clearing your memory. The ride is really unique in the Studios park for all its physical props and effects.
  24. And not everyone reads that other thread. I'm happy it was posted as a new topic. I'm surprised you call the customer service "bleh". I've never visited the Cedar Point Chick-fil-A location, but I'm always impressed by how polite and friendly Chick-fil-A employees are at other locations.
  25. Quick two things from this... 1. Old Time Photos is still around, albeit it relocated from the current DB Trading Post spot to the former gift shop across from Crypt 2. You complain about something sports in Rivertown, yet the current location of Old Time Photos referenced above was home to a Reds themed gift shop (I think "Reds Dugout") for years.
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