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  1. DB is back and it looks like at least two trains. Mystic Timbers effects still out.
  2. Yeah but it’s slowing us down. I’ve got a lot of stuff to show them here still!!!
  3. I know! I’m here with some family from out town who are looking forward to it. Just shut the ride down and get at least one out...
  4. I just got an email that said that they are starting Pass perks for gold and platinum pass holders. It’s a rewards program for visiting KI!
  5. An inversion on a giga would be awesome! I love how our community of enthusiants think!
  6. Brewhouse croutons are amazing for the record! My boyfriend and I have meal plans and just finished another yummy meal at Brewhouse! And it wasn’t super crowded at the park today so we got our food in no time!
  7. When I worked at Kings Island, they would close food stands based off of attendance in the park. They would close stands and send people home on low attendance days. It is not necessarily based off of staffing 100%.
  8. It looks too small for a B&M train storage facility. It is probably just a storage facility or something, because it’s small.
  9. It’s definitely something. It looks too small for Haunt building. The bathrooms were a joke but it won’t let me post emojis from my phone!
  10. These are construction by FOF and Adventure Express today from The Racer exit. They have an area to pour concrete. Maybe it’s those rumored bathrooms! Construction is in full force...
  11. I have since seen them elsewhere in the park. They were also in Rivertown last time I saw them. I’m thinking it is unrelated now. They might just be investors or something.
  12. There is a full time park employee taking some executives or something around the park. I saw them near FOF and Congo Falls today (5-23-19). They’ve been roaming since I got here an hour ago...wonder if they are here about 2020 projects...
  13. I thought that it was a law. Any theme park I have been to offers it.
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