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  1. I thought that it was a law. Any theme park I have been to offers it.
  2. As a female with a large chest size as well, I am going to forewarn you that Banshee's restraints can get extremely tight in the chest. This only tends to happen right as it returns to the brakes right before the station. This tends to happen when it is extremely hot out as well. Hope this helps out! According to your picture and descriptions, you are roughly the same body type as myself. I do not have any issues other than the restraints on Banshee tightening throughout the ride on extremely hot days! Hope this helps! Enjoy KI tomorrow!
  3. Love the space theme idea! I think it would be cool to keep with the testing base as well!
  4. 1. We do not know 100% which direction the coaster will go. It could go out toward AE and AZ in general, instead of towards The Beast. (Although toward The Beast is the most likely). 2. It might not be a giga coaster. (There are several others that would be cool as well!) 3. They could be doing something never seen on a giga or hyper (to my knowledge) such as a loop.
  5. I would love to see an adult Whip and a tilt a whirl (purely for nostalgia rides, I loved that style of ride as a kid). Also, a Tumble Bug. I would also like to see an Enterprise ride (like the Witches' Wheel), a Musik Express like ride, also with a ferris wheel, a rotor, and a round up ride. Those are all things that I think that would appeal to a wide array of ages. Most of these are nostalgic for me, but others are because I think that they would be a great fit!
  6. The roar of coasters and the sound of the lifts are iconic to any amusement park with coasters! I remember the most exciting things to hear at KI as a kid were the screams from Drop Zone and the Face/Off roar. Also, I kind of miss that noisy lift chain from Firehawk. It had that "click click" charm of a chain lift that could be heard throughout the Coney Mall. We could hear it over The Racer when I worked at the Skyline and Subway in the Coney Mall. Also, the Firehawk roar was pretty awesome too! Sorry nostalgia set in!
  7. Or a line for a new food stand. lol
  8. I have never waited more than 30 minutes for Banshee, Diamondback, or Vortex. I remember waiting in lines for Vortex all the way to the Juke Box Diner, and the line went quick. Vortex, Banshee, and Diamond back are good at cycling people off and on the rides. I also am impressed with Mystic's load/unload times, as I have only waited an hour max for that ride, even when I have been told the queue is almost two hours long. Banshee and Diamond back have also been quoted to me as two hour waits, when they are less than 20 minutes with several queues open. Vortex had a line last Saturday, but we waited maybe 10 minutes. The Bat is also one that is almost always a walk-on as well.
  9. The Fastlane is worth it if you go on a Saturday in June or July. But splurging for all season? That depends on what you ride, how often you go, and if you go on a crowded day or not. Also, if you are planning on going to the waterpark, there are a few things on the Fastlane Plus there as well. Like I said, Fastlane is great for some, but bad for others. It is a know when you are going to be going and what you want to ride to make that determination!
  10. There are several B&M Coasters that have the tracks filled with sand in the hollow track pieces due to noise. I have heard that GateKeeper is has portions filled with sand as well, but I do not know if that is true or not.
  11. Chaos was new last year. They would probably just relocate it!
  12. This space has been cleared for quite a while. I looked at some Google maps satellite images, and that has been a clearing for a while. Now, they have gotten a little larger, but these are older clearings. Link to the images is below. https://www.google.com/maps/search/kings+island/@39.3435127,-84.2596378,633m/data=!3m1!1e3
  13. The Arrow trains make Vortex iconic. The trains actually are one of my favorite details about the ride. Although, some upgrades on them would be nice!
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