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2011 what should KI get

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I think it's going to be a new coaster unless they wait until 12',

As long as Dick is the CEO, there will be nothing else...

That's not quite a good thing...

Mr. Kinzel has been CEO since 1986... in the last five years alone the park's recieved Skyhawk, maXair, Shoot the Rapids, and Planet Snoopy...

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I want them to bring back old school flats :)

Count me in on that. While we do have Scrambler, Monster, and Shake Rattle and Roll - we need more! Thunder Bobs are fun. The Tempest at Coney Island is fun. A lot of things are fun. I'm tired of thrills. Bring on the family rides! :P

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On 8/7/2010 at 4:16 PM, BeastForever said:

^^That's why I love Coney Island(OH)!

Plus, there's many experiences at Coney Island that aren't at KI

  • Pedal Boats,
  • Rock-O-Planes,
  • GOOD bumper cars,
  • Bumper Boats,
  • As mentioned above, Giant Slide,
  • *Pepsi* Python(no coaster like it at KI),
  • Amazing Pool,
  • The one only, SPEED SLIDE! and,
  • Short linestongue.gif



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On 2/15/2010 at 2:41 PM, Coney Islander said:

I highly doubt anyone who owns Kings Island would put a wooden coaster in Rivertown. They wouldn't want to take away The Beast's thunder!

Unless, of course, they decide to use Son of Beast, or some variation of that name again, I wouldn't see another wooden roller coaster being placed in Rivertown.

Speaking of quotes from this thread that aged like milk...

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